7 Tips For Running Your Best Social Media Marketing Campaign Ever

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Social media marketing campaign is widely becoming a popular choice when it comes to online advertising. Many brands are currently running social media ads as a way of commanding more engagement and generating leads. Brands from different industries are tapping into the power of Facebook advertising for promoting their products and placing them at the forefront of the competition.

What are social media marketing campaigns? Social media marketing campaigns are basically the use of social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook to promote products or services. Many social media advertising platforms have their own built-in analytics tools that help marketers or business owners to track the progress, success, and engagement of their ad campaigns.

Brands often utilize the very common avenues of social media advertising including Facebook advertising, twitter advertising and Instagram advertising. These platforms don’t just offer social media adverting channels, they also promise great returns on social media marketing campaigns.

Despite the massive benefits social media marketing campaign offers, it’s sad to see many brands struggling with running social media marketing campaigns on Facebook. This is very much related with the fact that these brands don’t know the tricks of Facebook advertising.

First and foremost, social media marketing campaign despite being very easy to launch, isn’t something an amateur should undertake without getting the tips that make it very effective. So whether you’re a Facebook marketing novice or a seasoned marketer looking to expand your knowledge on social media marketing campaign tactics, here are some tips you can use to run your best social media marketing campaign ever.

1. Set Your Goals

Before ever launching your social media marketing campaign, you have to take your time to define exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. Do you want to use your social media marketing campaign to reach more people? Do you want to get more followers? Do you want to just gain awareness for your brand or do you want people to patronize your business? Whatever your goals are, you have to take your time to define them. Defining your goals would help you know exactly what you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign.

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2. Have The Right Strategy

It’s amazing how brands just use a strategy just because they saw it fly online. You have to know that different strategies work for different brands. A social media marketing campaign strategy that worked for another brand might not work for yours especially because no two brands are exactly the same. You have to carefully develop a strategy that not just portrays your brand in its best light but which also shows the value your brand offers to customers. If you’re finding it hard to determine the right strategy for your brand, you can get in touch with a social media consultant to help you develop one.

3. Simplify By Using Tools

One reason many brands get all tangled up with their social media marketing campaign is because they try to do everything themselves without any simplifying tool. Social media marketing campaign can be made very effortless and effective when you employ the right tools. They are a wide variety of social media marketing campaign tools available that you can use to maximize your social media marketing campaigns. These social media campaign tools make social media marketing campaigns very flexible, quick and easy to set up and even manage.

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4. Don’t Fail At Targeting

When it comes to creating a social media marketing campaign that packs a punch, targeting is everything. Targeting is not just a vital part of any successful social media marketing campaign; it’s basically the cell of successful social media marketing campaigns. Targeting basically helps you to place your social media marketing campaign in front of the right audience. With the right targeting metrics, you can show your social media marketing campaigns to only audience who need it and who are more likely to become customers.

5. Show Value

I believe that no business would run a social media campaign that doesn’t offer some form of value to its audience. However, the problem is that many brands create social media campaigns that leave their audience confused as to exactly what they’re going to get out of patronizing their business. If you’re planning to run a social media marketing campaign, you must take time to craft your campaign in such a way that your audience can see exactly what value you’re offering them. Don’t make them search too hard to see your value; let it be the first message they get out of your campaign.

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6. Involve Your Audience

Gone are the days when advertising was shown to a static audience. In this digital age, advertising is all about a two way communication between a brand and its audience. With this knowledge in mind, you should take your time to design a social media marketing campaign that will get your audience talking. You have to make sure that your social media marketing campaigns leave room for your audience to give you feedback; this would help you improve on future campaigns and even your business as a whole.

7. Measure Everything

This one goes without saying. Measurement is vital to running effective social media marketing campaigns. Measurement helps your eliminate weaknesses in your social media campaign without getting to the level of “oops!”. With effective social media campaign measurement, you can make sure that your campaign budget isn’t going to waste.

Social media marketing campaigns produce great results from one industry to another; be it social media for realtors or social media for fashion designers, you can be sure that with these tips, you can launch very successful social media marketing campaigns for your brand.


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