7 Tips to Find A Creative Agency For Your New Business Start Up

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Finding a creative agency may seem like an easy task until you start searching. Suddenly, you’re faced with so many options that you’re wondering which of them will be the right fit for your brand. Notwithstanding what creative agency you choose, you want an agency that can help you with a strategic creative plan that would not just project your brand image, but would also give you great returns on investment on the long run. Are you looking for a creative marketing agency or just a digital creative agency for your online branding? Check out these tips to help you find the right agency!


1. Ask For Referrals

Many businesses don’t waste time or resources searching for a new creative agency. They’d rather find their creative agency based on referrals from other businesses. Although this takes the excitement out of searching for a creative agency yourself, it saves you lots of time and energy that would have otherwise gone into searching for a creative agency. This tip would be superb if you’re wary of risks.


2. Check Out Their Portfolio

Checking out portfolios is a great way to find a creative agency. Most creative agencies display their past works like trophies on their websites. You can find your dream creative agency by simply reviewing their portfolios and finding which agency has works that are close to what you want. Be sure not to get carried away with shinny portfolios that you fail to watch out for the vital features you want to see in your own result.

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3. Check Their Online Presence

I think the first commandment of finding a creative agency is this “Don’t hire an agency that doesn’t have an online presence!” It doesn’t matter if they have executed mind-blowing strategies in the past or if they have the biggest, meanest building in the block, a creative agency without an online presence is definitely not moving with the tides of globalization and you don’t want that kind of negative vibes around your business! A good creative agency should have an established online presence in the form of a website and very active social media platforms.

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4. Check Their Qualifications

We’re in an age where anyone with a computer can claim to have 7 doctorates. People would do anything to get clients. So if you’re looking for a creative agency, go beyond just taking their word for it. Check out the awards they claim to have won, check out the qualifications they claim to have. This might take some time but it would be worth it when you find out that a creative agency in your top three list isn’t what they claim to be.


5. Identify The Brains Behind Works You Love

One of the easiest ways to choose a creative agency is by identifying the brains behind the creative works you love. Be sure not to base your judgment on just one good ad. This tip can only give you the best result if they have consistently delivered great results and proven creativity in most of their creative jobs. However, the major thing to note while applying this tip is that the brain behind your best ad might be beyond your reach. So you have to be flexible enough to let go of creative agencies beyond your reach and settle for a smaller creative agency that is just as good.


6. Test, Test, Test

One of the ways to test a creative agency is through inviting them for a pitch. However, these pitches are often not free of charge. It’ll be hard to find a creative agency that would give you creative solutions or even suggestions free of charge. If your budget can accommodate pitches, then by all means invite your top three agencies for a pitch. However, if you’re just a small business owner with restricted budget, you can simply test your selected agencies with well crafted questions. Ask them what they think the best ad in your industry is or what they’d change about selected ads; their answers would most likely give you an idea of what they’re going to do for your brand.


7. Watch Your Budget

While searching for a creative agency, it’s very easy to get carried away by so many shiny portfolios that you might be tempted to go over your budget. Don’t do that! Finding a creative agency and having them implement an awesome creative strategy isn’t all there is to business. You’d still have other activities to attend to after addressing your creativity needs. So don’t spend so much time reviewing creative agencies that are beyond your reach.

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Finding the right agency to attend to your creative needs effectively can be a daunting task; however, with these tips you’d definitely find the best creative agency for your business. If you want an awesome creative digital agency fast, let me recommend 99DollarSocial. They offer astounding digital solutions at the most affordable rates. Check out their portfolio to see their works for yourself.


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Heather Hart

Heather Hart

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Heather began working with $99 Social in April 2014 as a content writer, but quickly moved into a customer support role, then to Operations Manager in May of 2017. She loves exploring different artistic mediums, including copywriting, drawing and painting, website coding, and helping people succeed.

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Tiffany Locke
March 7, 2018 10:56 pm

I like your advice to check out their portfolio, which is usually found on their website. This would be important to get a good idea of their skills and experience so that you can ensure they can provide you with the help you need for your project. Their portfolio could also give you the chance to get ideas for what you want to do for your own project. Once you’ve researched the different creative agencies, it would probably be a good idea to meet with them in order to discuss the work that you want to be done so that you can get their feedback and figure out whether they’ll be able to create the work that you want.

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