7 Facts Nobody Told You about White Label Digital Marketing Services

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The business of digital marketing can get very demanding pretty fast. Most established digital marketing companies are finding it pretty hard to cope with the demands of their customers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many established digital marketing agencies are turning to white labeling as a way to ease their work load and make money at the same time. White labeling is a trend that is taking the digital marketing world by storm. What is white labeling?

White labeling occurs when an established business (merchant) lets another business (white label) sell its services under a unique business name. White labeling presents a win-win situation for the businesses involved. Despite the growing popularity of white labeling, a lot of digital marketing professionals are still either completely or partially in the dark about what it entails. In this post I’ll sharing some facts about white labels that you probably haven’t heard about.

1. It’s Safer than Startups

Offering a white label digital marketing service is generally safer than start a digital marketing agency from the scratch. With white labeling, a digital marketer doesn’t have to bother about high startup capital, market entry, audience and even some major startup risks. White labels are best described as already made businesses and with the right strategy; an entrepreneur can start seeing business profits in a very short time. However, despite being safer than startups, white labeling digital marketing require just as much smart and hard work.

2. The Parties Matter!

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own white label digital marketing company or looking to become a merchant or even just looking to patronize a white label digital marketing agency, you should know that the parties involved play a huge role in the end result. When it comes to white label digital marketing services the parties involved matter a lot. Generally you have to look out for white label relationships that show a strong record and promise a supportive relationship.

3. Existing Audience

When it comes to white label digital marketing services, you don’t have to worry about who will be buying your services. The general rule in white labeling is that the white label will leverage on the market advantage of the merchant so it’s a win-win. The white labels gains access to an existing audience whose needs are currently not being met by the merchant while the merchant makes money from the resulting sales.

4. It’s All about Smart Work

White label digital marketing services are more about smart work than hard work. Whether you’re a merchant or a prospecting white label, being successful at white labeling requires loads of smart work. You have to learn the act of planning, testing, targeting, communication, measurement and management. There must be proactive communication between the parties involved in the white labeling contract if it’s going to be successful. Also, if you want to come up with a great added value white label digital marketing service, you have to have an eye for detail.

5. Proven Quality

When it comes to white label digital marketing services, the quality is already proven. White labels as I earlier indicated, are basically offshoots of existing businesses also known as merchants. Usually these merchants are businesses that have been offering digital marketing services for a while. The point here is that if you’re looking to hire the services of a white label digital marketing agency, you can rest easy knowing that you wouldn’t be handing your digital marketing activities to an amateur digital marketing company but rather to an existing digital marketing company with several years of experience. Moreover, an entrepreneur looking to establish a new digital marketing agency can do digital marketing services white labeling without having to go through the product testing stage every other startup goes through.

6. Great Backup

White label digital marketing agencies often have great backup when compared to other startup digital marketing agencies. What do I mean by backup? Well, when a merchant establishes relationship with another business which becomes its white label, the merchant more often than not supports the activities of the white label. These merchants basically support these white labels because the more established these white labels are, the more likely the merchant will make profits from them. So whether you’re looking to buy, startup or even offer white label digital marketing services, you should know that backup is a vital ingredient in successful white labeling.

7. Added Value

This is definitely my favorite fact about white label digital marketing. Often, when merchants and white labels go into agreement they can decide to either offer services as is or add some value to the services the merchant offers. Due to the competition among digital marketing agencies, most white labels go into agreement of offering added value with their merchants. This means that if I go into a white label agreement to offer social media marketing service with a great agency like 99DollarSocial, I might decide to say well, I’m going to add real time client monitoring services to their already great services. What this basically does is that it helps a white label carve its own niche and find its own target audience without taking over the clients of the merchant.

White Label has been around for several years but has just begun to gather momentum especially in the digital marketing services arena. This business strategy is one that should be mastered by every serious digital marketing entrepreneur. This is especially due to benefits it has to offer. I hope this post as enlightened you on some less known facts about white label digital marketing services.


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Heather Hart

Heather Hart

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