7 Digital Marketing And Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore

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A lot of marketing trends have come and gone, but right now there are at least seven that a talented marketing professional should never take for granted. Most of the internet has become audience generated, making it harder to surface from the many voices screaming updates to the same audience you’re trying to reach. However, with these digital marketing and social media trends, and advice below, you certainly will have a louder voice.

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1. The Digital Marketing And Social Media Influencer Trend

If you’ve been watching closely enough at what sells and why by now you know that certain engines keep the product machine running. The influencers. Just a few months back, nobody got frantically excited at the idea of twins. Just then, one of the most influential members of the digital sphere and planet Earth, in general, announced that she was having twins. Followers went online in search of means to follow the trend as should have baby clothing companies.

Getting such powerful influences behind your brand is an effective way to reach new audiences with really high chances of converting.

2. Retargeting

Everyone has a website now, which is why it is not one of the trends listed here. However, now that you should have one consider retargeting to squeeze every chance presented by traffic landing on your website. Through retargeting, visitors to your site are followed by specific advertising banners as they surf the internet, reminding and priming them to become qualified leads the next time they come to your website.

Companies with retargeting implemented on their websites and even social media profiles see more traffic and get more leads compared to those oblivious of this trend. Certainly, something to look into.

3. MailChimp Ads Creator For Facebook And Instagram

It is common for companies to have in their possession, information concerning their customers. Be it their email addresses, phone numbers, together with first and last names – but not to have a clue what to do with all that data. Then upgraded MailChimp, an email marketing platform recently realizing the power of social media. With said data, companies can now create campaigns and push products targeting customers that have already proved eligible for their products.

Removing the need to take clients through funnels, makes for less spending on advertising; you need that. Even digital marketing social media works better with this level of targeting.

4. Bulk Scheduling Of Social Media Content

Many companies know how they need to be active on social media channels, however, knowledge alone is seldom enough. Someone’s hands need to get dirty posting on a daily basis, alongside other activities that spring up from good social media practices. Workloads often never allow too much attention to sink into social media – which is where bulk scheduling becomes very useful.

Even though an account will be better than dead when content is lined up, I’d still advise taking that task out of the equation altogether. Hiring a digital marketing and social media agency to handle all that for close to nothing would be the best alternative. 99 Dollar Social is one such digital marketing agency.

5. Growth Spurts Through Hashtag Rides

Hashtags are not necessarily a new trend, until one of them starts to TREND. A quick search on Twitter or Instagram of #WCW or #MCM proves my point. Millions of users of these platforms search for the same hashtags to see who is crushing on the same person as they are. A bandwagon on which strategic marketing teams have been seen to jump on, with predictable results.

Growth trains specific to a niche also start randomly on Twitter, again powered by trending hashtags. Picture having tens of thousands of new eyes falling on your conversion optimized profile, clicking your campaign link and then having retargeting banners chase them around. Need I say more?

6. Going Live

When smartphones were first introduced, content was not all too easy to consume. Bandwidth for one was a limiting factor. But not anymore. You can take advantage of streaming fast connections to actually talk to your followers and get real time feedback. After doing necessary preparations, a live session can bring thousands of viewers on to their mobile devices to listen as you rant, sell, or educate.

Because of the live streaming trend, optimized social media profiles can do what would have been considered impossible just a few years back. For small businesses, and even multi-million brands willing to grow the level of trust among their followers. The video camera now standard with every smartphone should be their best friend.

7. Snapchat, WhatsApp, And Facebook Messenger – The Chat Triplets

Perhaps one of the most talked about digital media and social media trend in a while, chat, is another trend that you cannot afford to overlook. Consider the following pointers in support of this claim;

- Between the three, billions of messages are shared on a daily basis,

- Chat is now more popular than call,

- Bots and Ads can be set up to start chatting with inquisitive audiences.

When implemented correctly, a digital marketing and social media company can turn near dead brands into success stories.

There are other digital marketing and social media trends worth looking into, but investing time and resources into a good mix of the above will surely gain you an edge over your competition.


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Heather Hart

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