7 Benefits Of Using Social Media Management Companies

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Are you wasting time and money trying to manage your social media? Not everyone has the time to keep up with social media in order to really help your company the way you’d like it to, and thankfully, you don’t have to. You can get top results for your business by simply hiring the best social media management company and letting them do the legwork for you. Here are seven benefits of using a social management company so you can get your company’s name out there and get the most for your money.

7 Benefits Of Using Social Media Management Companies

1. Constant Updating Of Content

The best way to stay relevant is to stay in your public’s eye by posting relevant and consistent content to your social medias. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ might be old, but it is just as true today as it was then it was first said. The last thing you want is for your company to be old news, or have your customers say “Oh yeah! I used to buy from them all the time, I wonder what happened to them.” It’s especially upsetting when you haven’t even gone anywhere, but out of the spotlight. The best way to stop this from happening is to keep posting, keep your customers seeing what sales you have, what new products are in. Heck, you could even go as far as posting a silly picture of your employees having a bored yet fun moment at work.

As long as you are posting, you will still be seen, which means you will be relevant to your customers. Hiring a top social media management company will keep the posts coming for you so you keep being relevant and spend less time worrying about your Twitter followers.

2. Being Able To Focus On Growing Your Company 

The trick to staying relevant might be having constant content for your brand, but who has time to do multiple posts a day that aren’t the same old reposts? Not you, that’s for sure, you have a company to run. So that’s where having a company that manages social media comes in handy. They can post multiple times a day for you to keep your company relevant in the minds of customers and you where you belong, running your company.

3. Not Having To Hire A Full Time Marketing Employee

I know what you’re thinking when you hear the benefits of hiring a separate company to do your social networking. “Why would I hire a company to do my social networking for me when I can just hire a brand new college grad with a PR degree”? Well this is what many people say and a few weeks into this idea they’ve realized that it is easier said than done. Having a degree in something doesn’t even come close to have years of experience working with some of the top social media management companies. Not to mention having one person in charge of all of the social media platforms and coming up with new and out-of-the box ideas on a daily or weekly basis is a lot to ask of someone who, up until a short while ago, used to schedule their classes around their sleep schedule. Not to mention hiring a full time PR representative will cost you at least 30 grand a year in salary and benefits when you can get a full team with a professional social media management company for less than a hundred dollars a month.

4. Thinking Outside The Box

We all think we know what we should be posting for our company. You have a sports company you post about athletes in the Olympics and so on, but when do you really take a step back and look at your customers and how they use your products? Top social media management companies would tell you not just to post what everyone else would post, but to think a little deeper to an untouched market. When you think sports you automatically think of the World Cup or Olympics and other big sporting events, but what about the type of people you wouldn’t think of, a social media management company would tell you.

The type of people that are buying your brand are most likely mothers, college students or teens who are going out for a new sport, seeing a social media post about ‘top 10 workout clothes that can be worn when running errands.’ You can even go way outside the box and find something that few people can personally relate to, but rather, will inspire them. A perfect example of this would be a commercial that Nike released for the 2016 Olympics. Nike is a giant in the sports world and could have chosen any athlete to use for their commercial, but instead they chose a pint size 86-year-old, marathon-running nun for their commercial. That’s right, a nun! Apparently Sister Madonna Buder has done 45 Ironman triathlons in her lifetime. Anyone can see an athlete that has spent their entire lives training and be a natural born runner or swimmer, and say “I’ll never be able to do that” but the best social media management companies will think outside the box and find new ways to inspire people to try something new, with the right equipment, of course.

5. Doing The Research For You

Time is so important to running a business today that you really can’t waste a second of it. As I may have mentioned before, one thing that really takes a lot out of your day when it comes to social media is the research that goes into it. Many people think that you simply just copy and paste an article and ta-da! You’ve got your work done for that day. However, companies that manage social media will tell you a different story. Your posts need to be different every day, thought provoking, the sources you find need to be relevant to your company and what you do, they need to be from a reputable source and you need to read them in full and see if the main point of view falls in line with your company. You don’t want to know what happens if you post an article and it has a very controversial view that you don’t believe in, that’s what we call “damage control.”

The best social media management companies will tell you there is a lot that goes into picking the perfect story for not only the people who post it to social media, but the people who write it. As you can see in this article on CNN.com the same thought that goes into picking the correct story is the exact one that goes into writing it. It’s a lot of work for someone who has a completely other job to do, which is exactly why you can hire a social media management company to do it for you.

6. Incorporate Your Company’s Personality Into Your Social Media

There are hundreds of other companies that sell the same thing that your company does and that’s not even counting the giants out there that monopolize most of the market, the best social media management companies will tell you. They might come out with a commercial that is really impressive with all the special effects, think Michael Bay movies, but a social media management company will tell you that you can be equally as impressive and be more memorable by showing the dynamic within your company as well as its personality.

A great example of this is the United Airlines commercial featuring the Olympic athletes (see video below). Yes, I’m referring to the Olympics again. United did this commercial on a grand scale, there is no denying that, but they did it while including the personality of their company and employees. United wanted to show that they support the Olympics and that they support the US Olympics team by using their own team. The commercial features the United team working with the US Olympic team to get the athletes safely to their flight with all their gear. The ending line being “One journey, two teams united for over 35 years.”

Companies that manage social media would know that this sort of commercial is a great way to place your company in good standing with your social media viewers. In an article in Psychologytoday.com a recent study shows that consumers are more likely to buy from a company they consider more likeable and the study also shows that positive emotions toward a brand has a stronger influence on consumer loyalty than their trust in a brand. Basically, if you see a commercial that shows your company being fun and friendly it will go further than if your company is actually trustworthy. A little ironic. The power of social media is very great, as any top social media company will tell you. You just need to find the best social media company for your brand to tap into that.

7. Trying Out Something New And Getting Instant Feedback

The biggest difference between social media marketing and non-social media marketing is the instant feedback. Many companies have come out with a sign, ad or slogan and had some serious backlash, whether it be an unforeseen interpretation or a turn of current events that turns a funny joke into something incredibly insensitive. Having the instant feedback of social media allows you to remove the ad and do damage control. The picture will forever be frozen in cyberspace, true, but having the ability to be able to say to consumers that you did not intend for the image to offend or cause harm will make a world of difference, especially since before social media you did not have a way to do this other than radio or TV which might not have even reached many people.

A prime example of this in recent events is a bulletin board for the new X-Men movie, which has a large amount of negative comments because it showed X-men mutant Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) being choked by a male mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Issac.) Many people viewed this as an incredibly insensitive ad in regards to domestic violence and wasted no time in letting the PR group for X-Men know how they felt. On one hand, this was a PR nightmare, but on the other it allowed, whichever top social media management company that was employed by X-Men to act fast with damage control. This would have been much worse if social media hadn’t existed when this happened. In the end, this was a gamble for the advertising company that came up with this billboard, they had an idea and went with it and it didn’t go as expected. Even if your company had the budget for a top social media management company, like X-Men, these things would happen.

What makes having a social media management company so beneficial is that they would run damage control on a mass scale, issuing press releases, communication with the upset public and much more. This cannot be done by just one person, you need a team, which is why hiring a social media management company will come in handy with a situation where you need to reach out to many people across many different social media.

Final Thoughts

There is no exact science of managing your social media accounts, you just need to take it a day at a time and learn to react quickly and genuinely when things go both good and bad. Many companies see what they think is what social media management companies do and think they can do that themselves or hire an on-staff PR rep that also has another job to do. In reality, this will cost you money, time and will really stress out, whichever employee, you decide should take up the task of running your entire social media identity. You can spare yourself all of this time, money and hassle by hiring a top social media company like 99 Dollar Social for less than $100 a month. If you need a few reasons to give you that extra push, you have seven very accurate benefits conveniently listed in this very article to convince you.

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