7 Benefits Of Hiring A Full Service Marketing Agency For A New StartUp

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Ever heard of brands which market themselves effortlessly? They actually do not exist anymore! Every successful brand engages in some sort of marketing to foster competitive advantage. Top businesses are spending more and putting more effort every year to wave their products and services in our faces.

Your brand is no different. You must fine-tune your marketing efforts to convert more potential customers into paying customers and return customers, and of course get ahead of your competitors. One way of achieving this, is by hiring a full-service marketing agency.

What is a Full Service Marketing Agency?

As a business owner, I expect you to appreciate the workload involved in running a successful marketing campaign for your business. Digital marketing alone, is stratified into social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, web and graphic design and multimedia advertising. Being in control of all these digital marketing strata (trends) will certainly be too tasking and downright overwhelming if you decide to take the DIY route.

A full-service marketing agency is one that has the competency of snowballing all the marketing needs of your brand and providing a service that delivers results and drives competitive advantage.

In this piece, I’ll highlight some of the pros of acquiring the services of a full-service marketing agency. Here they come!

Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Marketing Agency

1. Cost Efficiency

Every business wants to save money and improve their profit margin. The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team could easily burgeon out of your budget when you consider the cost of training as well as acquiring the required technology (software) that could help deliver the desired results.

Hiring a competent full-service marketing agency will help you save the unnecessary cost of having to pay for in-house staff training and software purchase. By outsourcing your marketing needs to an agency, you get to have affordable access to a professional agency whose only goal will be to deliver positive results.

2. More ROIs

Hiring a marketing agency that can take charge of all your brand’s marketing needs will certainly engender more return on investment, that’s if you didn’t make the wrong choice of agency. Imagine having a team of professionals working hard to market your business using the latest technology and marketing strategy – the most likely result is that you get real value for your money. 

A full-service marketing agency is one that can expertly handle the task of promoting your brand on social media platforms, create search engine optimized content and work closely with your in-house team to meet your business goals. The chance of seeing profitable results when you hire a marketing agency is much greater than employing a full-time in-house marketing team.

3. Synchronized Marketing

Like was I indicated earlier, a full-service marketing agency will be responsible for handling ALL your digital marketing needs – no stone left unturned! Of course, the fact that the agency will be working on anything and everything marketing for your brand will mean that your brand carries the same message and maintains consistency.

Your brand marketing should speak with one voice so as not to mislead potential customers and drive them to your competitors. You can’t be massively promoting a product/service on twitter and the content on your website has little or no information about that product/service. One benefit of having a full-service marketing agency is that your marketing needs will be harmonised. The agency will be working closely with your in-house team, promoting your business and marketing your brand almost like they were your permanent staff. You can’t achieve this if you have separate teams handling social media marketing, email marketing, content writing and graphics design.

4. Access to Wider Resources

A full-service marketing agency will come in with the latest software and technology to meet your marketing needs. Some of the software being used by marketing agencies cost a lot of money to buy and even learn. By hiring a marketing agency to work closely with you and promote your brand, you and your team will have uninterrupted access to these technologies.

5. Broad Experience

A marketing agency with the competency of handling all your marketing needs must be one with the right skill-set and professional experience. Hiring one will mean you’re hiring their experience, skill and professionalism. The effect is that, apart from the positive results you’ll enjoy, you get to have some of their experience rub off on your brand. This will come handy when you eventually part ways with the marketing agency.

You also cannot ignore the professional advice you’ll be getting from an experienced agency – this is something you wouldn’t get from an in-house staff who might be too scared to speak up, in a bid to keep their job.

6. Focus On Other Things

If you actually have a product to sell or a service to render, you’ll have to channel your efforts into making that product/service the best in the market. On top of that, you need to market your brand. Undertaking all the rigours of DIY marketing can be overwhelming and could easily affect the focus of you and your staff on producing the best content/service.

By hiring a marketing agency with the competency of handling your marketing needs, you can shift focus from marketing to working on improving the quality of your service.

7. Latest Marketing Trends

You and your team have to work round the clock in a bid to become the best in your niche; but while you’re being the best at what you do, you’ll miss the trend of the rapidly changing world of marketing. It would be nothing but a no-brainer to have an in-house staffer keep an eye on the evolving marketing trends when they could be productively employed in working to meet your business goals. This is where a full-service marketing agency comes in.

A competent marketing agency follows the trend in the world of digital marketing and uses it to drive organic traffic, leads and return customers to their clients – you shouldn’t miss out on anything that can move your business forward.

My recommendation is that you give serious thought into hiring a marketing agency, but when you do hire one, it’s best you hire a full-service marketing agency. Some of the advantages of this, have been highlighted in this article. Your business will definitely be better for it and you’ll save more money. However, there’s a chance of falling into the wrong hands of a half-baked marketing agency who are still learning the ropes – that would be an expensive mistake! So, kindly, do some proper research first, before your hire any marketing agency.

Every business wants to save money and improve their profit margin. The cost of hiring an in-house marketing team could easily burgeon out of your budget when you consider the cost of training as well as acquiring the required technology (software) that could help deliver the desired results.




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