7 Amazing Social Media E-Commerce Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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If you’re reading this post, then it’s certain that you’re interested in driving more traffic to your ecommerce website. This also means you’re aware that the importance of traffic to your website cannot be over-emphasized. Every website owner should know that traffic is to websites what fuel is to a car. Without the presence of good traffic, your beautiful website is simply occupying space on the net without meeting any need.

If you must successfully drive traffic to your website, social media cannot be ignored. There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your website. However, social media e-commerce strategies are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to achieve this. The reason for this is that a lot of folks have a long attention span when it comes to social media. This basically means that people spend a lot of time on social media platforms. Therefore this makes social media strategies very important for driving traffic to your website.

Here are some amazing ways social media e-commerce strategies can be used to drive traffic to your websites.

1. Focus On One Or Two Social Media Platforms

This is perhaps the first social media e- commerce strategy to be considered when trying to drive traffic to your website.

A lot of new businesses are interested in being active on almost all social media platforms. While this might not be a bad idea, it is not exactly great. This is due to the high demands that come with being very active on multiple social media platforms.

Therefore, if you most drive traffic to your website, focusing on few social media platforms is key. Take out time to identify which social media platform works best for your business and focus on building it to perfection.

2. “Stalk” Your Customers

Considering the social media marketing quote that says “Lead People with What They Want”, meeting the needs of your customers is paramount in driving traffic to your website. If the content on your website does not suit your customers, you might as well forget about them visiting your website.

To generate contents that will suit your customers, you will need to have access to their social media profiles and other demographical information. A customer’s social media profile speaks volumes of the customer’s interest. Take your time to study your customers closely to find out exactly what they what. This can therefore help you generate contents based on customer needs.

3. Do Not Be Overly Promotional

The essence of engaging your customers on social media is to promote your website. This doesn’t mean it’s all you should be doing. Building a relationship with your prospective clients on social media should always come before promos. As you interact regularly with clients, they will naturally come across updates on your website.

4. Make Use Of Top Notch Images

Images are known to increase your chances of being noticed by prospective customers by almost 50%. This is because humans are very visual beings. Therefore, making use of images makes it easier to get their attention. This is more effective if your social media pages are filled with high quality images.

5. Post A Tip Of The Iceberg

As a website owner, you can post contents relating to the importance of your site. Your social media posts should make available to customers “a tip of the iceberg” of the wealth of information contained on your site. Leaving your customers with just half info will get them curious.

This will help drive a lot of traffic to your site because customers will be left with no choice than seek the complete version of what they saw on your social media handle.

6. Come Up With A Plan

The lack of a plan, when making use of social media to drive traffic to your website, is the beginning of a long series of trials and errors. It’s certain that you do not want to fall into the category of those that spend more time trying than actually attracting traffic.

A plan will always help you get ahead very easily. You should have a schedule of how frequently you intend to make social media posts for your business, the length of each posts and the target audience.

7. Focus On One Goal At A Time

A whole lot can be achieved with social media and this includes getting brand recognition, getting traffic to your website and an increase in sales. If you’re a newbie to the use of social media for website promotion, you might be tempted to do other things such as brand recognition and increase sales all at once. Your ability to stay focused on one goal is vital to how fast you get traffic to your website.

Beyond focusing on one goal at a time, it is also expedient to set achievable goals.

When making a choice of the social media platform(s) to be used in driving traffic to your website, always remember to consider the demographics of your target audience. If your target market are professionals, then LinkedIn will be perfect, however if your focus is on a much younger generation, instagram and Facebook will come in very handy.

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