7 Amazing Facebook Marketing Tools For Your New Marketing Campaign

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When it comes to social media, Facebook is still king as of 2017. It’s no surprise given the massive number of people on Facebook (over 1 billion people!). Facebook today isn’t just a social media platform; it’s also a hub for growing brands online. Facebook presents businesses with free and low cost tools for marketing their products or services to a very large audience.

The popularity of Facebook with brands resulted in birth of several innovative software created by third parties to make Facebook marketing and management even more seamless. In this article, I’ll be bringing you very popular and helpful Facebook marketing tools used by Facebook marketers all over the world to create great marketing campaigns. However before we jump right in, let’s reminisce on why brands can’t get enough of Facebook advertising.

5 Reasons Businesses Can’t Get Enough of Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook advertising often produces very high engagement when compared to other online marketing platforms.
  • If you want to create awareness for your business very fast, Facebook is your go-to platform. Facebook can get a business in front of thousands of people in a matter of minutes.
  • One of the reasons lots of marketing experts love Facebook is because it’s very easy to use. Once you have a Facebook marketing plan, the rest is easy. Facebook advertising is so easy that it can be set up by virtually anyone. However, it takes a Facebook marketing expert to produce results.
  • Most of the traffic online comes from mobile devices and most people that use Facebook do so from their mobiles. Facebook has positioned itself as a marketing platform that offers a wide mobile audience resulting in high returns on marketing investments.

1. Buffer

Having a great content schedule is a vital ingredient in any successful Facebook marketing campaign. Buffer is a Facebook marketing tool that helps you manage your Facebook content by providing you with tools to schedule posts for certain times of the day and share your content at the best possible times. Buffer helps your content updates get to your fans and followers more often so they don’t miss your business offerings.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a platform for managing several social media networks. However, Hootsuite has proven to be very beneficial for Facebook marketing. Hootsuite helps you with monitoring mentions of your brand and even competition. Hootsuite also helps you monitor your Facebook campaigns by showing you page views, followers, likes, referrers, comments and even link popularity. This amazing Facebook marketing software also helps you manage complex content posting situations and makes it easy to delegate tasks to your team. The Hootsuite website also offer benefits like Facebook marketing course and Facebook marketing training.

3. Canva

Canva is a Facebook marketing tools loaded with so many benefits. Canva is basically an easy to use design and visual editing software that lets anyone create engaging content and visuals. Canva is packed with so many design options, some of which are the Facebook header and ad banner. With Canva you’re sure of designing stunning visuals that don’t just generate shares but are also in line with Facebook specifications.

4. Facebook Insights

When it comes to successful marketing, analytics is everything! Facebook insights lets you gauge your marketing audience in terms of gender, age, location, interests and several other demographics. This amazing tool offers cool visualization tools that let you easily view and collect data on how well your marketing campaign is performing.

5. Likealyzer

Likealyzer is another awesome tool for Facebook marketing experts. Likealyzer helps you analyze and measure the effectiveness and even potential of your Facebook pages. It provides you with tools to monitor and compare your Facebook page by evaluating your Facebook activities. Likealyzer doesn’t just let you evaluate your Facebook page; it also provides you with detailed information on identified issues and how to address these issues.

6. Facebook Power Editor

Power Editor is a highly beneficial Facebook advertising tool that is designed for advertisers who want to be able to create, edit and publish several ad campaigns at once and still be able to have total control of their campaigns. Power Editor is an advanced Facebook marketing tool that helps businesses efficiently manage multiple campaigns and ads on Facebook. You can create, manage, edit and optimize ad campaigns and posts in bulk across a large number of different ad accounts and Pages

7. Headline Analyzer

The Headline Analyzer is a free tool created by CoSchedule. This tool lets you evaluates, score and grade the marketing value of any headline for maximum impact. The Headline Analyzer scores the headline quality of your posts. It also rates the capacity of a headline to bring social shares, and improve SEO. Basically, this tool helps Facebook marketers like you to understand headline types and to benefit from the research.

And because always we go the extra mile…

8. Short Stack

Short Stack is basically an engagement tool that lets you effectively build engagement on Facebook by creating interesting contests, promotions, landing pages, forms and more. It helps you attract more customers by serving as an effective tool for collecting leads, boosting engagement and gathering customer data.

Facebook marketing is very beneficial to brands and its effectiveness can be heightened by using the right tools. You don’t have to spend so much time, resources or energy on creating effective Facebook campaigns you just have to utilize these tools to engage with their current and prospective customers.


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