6 Amazing Tips to Start Your Own White Label Digital Media Agency

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The thoughts of many avid entrepreneurs are filled with how to start a profitable business. When you think of starting a business, a number of factors come to play; money, time, energy, resources and labor. As with every start-up the cost of getting the business to a profitable level is usually very high. Some entrepreneurs are brave enough to face this cost and conquer it while a lot of entrepreneurs just stop halfway.

As an avid entrepreneur, I can’t even begin to tell you how many businesses I had to “pause” just because they became too demanding one way or another. Well that continued until I came across the word “white labeling” in an article online. I spent a lot of time researching on white labeling and I share a lot of my discoveries on this blog.

White labeling presents entrepreneurs with a chance to build their dream businesses without starting from the scratch or re-inventing the wheel. White labeling is great for entrepreneurs who want to dramatically cut down their market entry time and reduce start-up costs.

White label solutions are found in virtually every business niche you can think of. You’d be surprised that a lot of the big brands you know are simply white label solutions. One particular niche where white label is making wave right now is the digital media niche.

A lot of entrepreneurs who are interested in start their own digital media agency, digital advertising agency or even digital creative agency are turning to white label for starting up their dream businesses with less than half the cost of starting from the scratch.

Before you launch into starting your own white label in digital niche there are a few things you should know. In this article, I’d be bringing you some of the best tips for starting your own white label digital media agency.

Check out these great tips for starting your own white label digital media agency.

1. Choose a Niche

It’s great that you want to start your own digital media agency but before you get carried away by all the excitement of starting up a new business, you have to settle down and choose a niche. In the digital media industry, there are lots of niches including digital strategy, digital creative, digital advertising, content creation, video creation and lots more. You have to choose which of these niches you want to explore. Also, you’d have to choose which niche you’d want to service. Do you want to serve high fashion sellers or just local restaurants? Whatever the case take time to define you niche.

2. Choose a Great Merchant

When it comes to successful white labeling, a great merchant is everything. A merchant is the business you’d be selling their products. While choosing a merchant, you want to look out for merchants that have a strong support system and most importantly, offer great services. White label or not, customers are attracted to great quality so make sure your intended merchant provided that.

3. Take Branding Seriously

You might not be starting your business from the scratch but it needs just as much branding as a new business. Despite the easy market entry white labeling offers, you ought to have a top notch branding strategy if you’re going to be successful at it. Establish your presence in the market by creating a unique and consistent message across all channels.

4. Maximize Online Channels

I really can’t say this enough; the world has moved online and any business that wants to succeed must move with them. However, you have to go beyond just moving your business online to maximizing the opportunities moving your business online offers. Take advantage of all the available channels especially social media. Get a professional website set up for you. Get professional social media pages set up too. Finally, get an affordable professional to take care of your social media needs if you can’t do it yourself. Do whatever it takes to ensure that your business is very visible on every online channel.

5. Start Building Your Voice

It’s not enough to set up online channels and leave it at that. You have to spend time on “building your voice”. The fastest and most common way to build your voice online is by creating great content. You have to spend time on writing valuable articles, recording informative podcasts and creating great videos. Having a voice online will attract followership for your brand and subsequently gain you loyal customers.

6. Get the Word Out

It’s not just ok to build a great business and expect people to come. You’ve got to have a great marketing strategy that’d make people notice your business and come to you. After all there are a thousand and one other digital media agencies. So you have to spend time and resources on making the loudest noise about your own digital media agency. One of the fastest ways to get people to know your agency is through social media marketing.

These tips are great for starting up your own digital media agency on the right foot. However, you have to avoid these common white labeling mistakes…

  • Compromising on quality
  • Trying to sell too many products
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Waiting for customers to come
  • Having no unique selling point

White label solutions work well for people who want to start their digital agency with minimal capital and other resources. As a white label digital agency, you can sell other people’s services with your own unique brand name. Just get a great merchant, set up your online channels and get a social media agency to help you make some noise on social media.

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Heather Hart

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