4 Valuable LinkedIn Ads Tricks for Social Media Success

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LinkedIn ads are a special feature on the LinkedIn social platform. They give you the flexibility to network from the privacy and comfort of your office. If you don’t fall into the category of professionals that constantly attend networking meetings but are looking to expand your professional reach, then LinkedIn ads are for you.

You might ask “how do Linkedin ads benefit my company”. Well look at it this way. Just like Facebook and Google ads, LinkedIn ads are a form of internet adverts. With LinkedIn ads, you can streamline your ads to your exact target audience. This audience are a professional and serious minded set of people who are sure of what they want and can identify it when they see it. This will save you the stress of having to put up multiple ads before making an impact

LinkedIn ads are as effective as the word “effective”. This is especially true for B2B marketing. With LinkedIn ads, you are certain of the exact audience your ads will reach. Before you make payments, you are can be sure of how efficient your ads will be.

1. Maximize The Characters Of Your Ad Copy

Wring top quality ads with the limited number of characters is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Well, if your LinkedIn ads will stand out from the rest, you will have to learn the art of writing quality ads with limited characters.

One way to achieve this is to always go straight to the point with your ads and avoid beating about the bush. The following points can help you consistently maximize the characters of your ad copy.

· Be Extremely specific

· Learn to make use of the word “you”, this makes the customer feel more wanted

· Keep your ads current

2. Use The Right Image

Over 400 million users of LinkedIn are always constantly posting and making ads. Therefore, if your ads must stand out you should go a step further. This extra mile is making use of images.

Images are known to attract 50% more attention than regular posts. Making use of images in your LinkedIn ads goes beyond posting whatever images you come across. The type and quality of images used in your LinkedIn ads is a strong determinant of how successful the ad will be.

I made a couple of researches, and I have come to discover that the ideal image size for LinkedIn images is 1200 by 1200 pixels. In addition to this, the maximum size for any image on your LinkedIn ads should be 8MB. The image can be inform of be GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

3. Pay Attention To Targeting

With LinkedIn ads, you are not just targeting random individuals. The target is centered on successful professionals. To ensure your ads are successful, there are certain targeting options that should be taken seriously. These targeting options help you get to your target audience without any struggles. They are:

· Company Name

· Company Industry

· Location

· Company size

· Job title

· Job seniority skills

· Schools

· Degrees

· Gender

· Groups

· Age

· Years of experience.

While targeting a certain group of people, you should not forget to have special tactics for each targeted group of people. There are various recommendations for different targeted audience. This recommendations are basically based on the size of the group being targeted.

· For groups of about 300,000 people, sponsored contents are ideal.

· If you are targeting a group of between 60,000 to 400,000 then text ads are ideal

4. Measure Performance

The measurement of the performance of your LinkedIn ads are nonnegotiable if you must make impact with your ads. Although quite a number of individuals measure their ad performance for the sake of having numbers to work with. That however should not be the case. Your LinkedIn ads performance should be measured to enable you improve on areas you are not very strong.

If you must effectively measure your LinkedIn ad performance, you should know what metrics you should be measuring, how to interpret numbers and how to know if your social media activities are effective.


While preparing your ads and the adjustments to make your LinkedIn ads more effective, one major factor tends to be left out of the picture. This factor is funding. LinkedIn gives you the freedom of campaigning according to your budgets. Therefore the pressure to meet certain unattainable requirements does not really exist. There are several ways to pay for your ads. While they differ markedly, some methods are more effective than others. It is therefore in your best interest to pick a payment method you are most comfortable with.

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