5 Top Reasons To Use Personalized Videos In Your Social Media Campaigns

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Every social media blogger and enthusiast has something special. From unique articles to top-of-the-line course material, the offerings available on social media platforms is varied, vast, and seemingly endless. Figuring out how to stand out in this sea can seem impossible, but there’s an easy solution to this problem.

Dynamic video, personalized for each reader that visits your blog or profile, could be the perfect way to catch their attention - and keep it. Here are five (among many) of the reasons that you might want to try incorporating personalized video into your social media campaigns and overall marketing to improve views, conversion, and brand awareness.

1. Bring Your Readers Into Your Story

Creating loyalty with your viewers and readers will drive them to return and engage with your content on a regular basis.

While the nuances of face-to-face conversation are often lost in text, adding a personalized video to your blog or some of your email outreach can make up for this loss and better connect with your audience. Make them a part of your story, and they will appreciate it.

Blog readers and email recipients should feel that the messages they receive are relevant and timely, and personalized video helps accomplish this. Anytime you personalize a message, it becomes more relevant to your reader, and that’s a goal you should strive to reach.

If your readers sign up for your outreach lists via Facebook or another social media platform, you might even be able to incorporate their picture alongside their name. This customization will fully include them in the experience that is your brand - and they’ll keep coming back.

2. Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

Every industry has an average click and conversion rate when it comes to emailing readers or customers that are on your email lists. Are you reaching those averages, or do you feel that you are struggling?

Billions of marketing emails related to blogs, e-commerce, shopping, and more are sent daily and standing out is not easy.

Incorporating a personalized and dynamic video for your reader can help you stand out and increase the conversion that you get from your emails. A smart video can incorporate your reader, their name, and more, and this will keep them curious and engaged.

3. Get Them Talking And Sharing

While you could spend a lot of time attracting each and every reader you get to your blog or profile, there’s a better way to do this with personalized videos.

In general, video drives up to 10x more chances to share, comment, and embed your content. This means that if your readers like the video, they may help it spread!

The fun and novelty of an innovative personalized video will get your readers’ attentions and encourage them to tell their friends to check it out. Think about the popularity of customizable (and hilarious) e-cards during the holidays. Your content can strike a similar chord.

Be creative and incorporate a dynamic video that will bring you the shares and engagement that your blog and profile deserve.

4. Sell More Of What You Have To Offer

When you customize your blog environment or outreach with personalized videos for a fan of your page, they will feel more connected to and comfortable with your brand.

Customers that enter a web environment which has been customized for them are more likely to engage with content or make purchases.

Not all social media bloggers sell a product, but if you offer a service such as an education or course packet, you may want to consider that you could increase your sales conversion by using personalized videos for your regular visitors and readers.

Adding a personalized video to your sales funnel will help hook customers who may otherwise remain indecisive about their investment in your blog’s material. Just by saying their name, you can help them say “yes” to what you have to offer!

5. Show Your Thanks

Personalized video is about more than just showing that you can offer something of value to your readers. It’s also about showing that you are thankful to be a part of their lives.

A dynamic video reminds your regular readers that you are happy that they keep coming back and that you have noticed them.

Anyone can say “Thanks for reading!”

But not every guru takes the time to share a personalized video that thanks a reader - by name - for their support. Doing this for each member of your audience directly will increase the loyalty your readers have towards your name and brand while also strengthening your bond.

Ready To Try Personalized Video?

If you’re a social media enthusiast or blogger that’s ready to try adding personalized video to your marketing plans, don’t feel overwhelmed. There are many tools out there to help you quickly and effectively incorporate these kinds of dynamic videos, and it won’t take much effort on your part.

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Heather Hart

Heather Hart

Operations Manager at $99 Social
Heather began working with $99 Social in April 2014 as a content writer, but quickly moved into a customer support role, then to Operations Manager in May of 2017. She loves exploring different artistic mediums, including copywriting, drawing and painting, website coding, and helping people succeed.

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