5 Tips For Using Good Instagram Quotes in Your Marketing Strategy

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It is a well-known social media phenomenon today, the power that Instagram has in generating more sales for many businesses. And this is good news for small businesses which don’t have much financial freedom for their marketing reach. Social media campaigns don’t necessarily require extra-large budget to start and maintain, and it’s easy to see which way the trend is rolling especially with Instagram. You just need to be continually informed and voila you can always plan for your Instagram campaign to generate more engagement boosting your marketing reach. Then hit on one big jackpot that consistently works, in producing valued results.

Recently the popularity of quote posts are making noticeable noise in social media especially in Facebook and Instagram. But you can be confused by the opposing views of users in the use of quote posts in generating social media pages engagement. Some says it’s aggravating seeing these kind of contents in their feed but many says it’s very powerful in boosting their marketing efforts. Well, all I can say is that there’s no denying the truth exhibited by the success of big names and brands in Instagram on their strategically planned good instagram quotes. They are solid in their assessment that insta quotes can be an operational marketing approach. Famous social media influencers from Kim Garst, Aaron Lee to Guy Kawasaki, you can see in their social media pages particularly with Facebook and Instagram the prolific use of quote posts. The big question is does their success equate to boosts in sales when it is for businesses?

Well it can purely be dependent on your social media campaign’s objective. Social media influencers need to boost engagement to make their personal brands known but for a business what you need is to convert those engagements to sales. Here are a few points to note if you want to use ig quotes in your marketing strategy.

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Tips For Using Good Instagram Quotes To Make Your Marketing Strategy Successful

1.) Measure Every Campaign Plan, Visualize All Pros And Cons

Engagement equate to how many people you get to like and share your posts. Now if you post funny quotes for instagram and one post get more than 20 likes, half of which are from users not on you fanbase. The new interface that Instagram uses will make your succeeding posts show in the feeds of these users even when they only liked that single post. Instagram counted their likes as indicator of your content’s relevance to these people.

But generating additional user relevance is not the only thing for engagements. You need to maintain consistency and quality and take hold of that new numbers. Loosing the additional engagement in your succeeding posts will demote you page’s relevance and it is bad news. Plan first on how to be consistent and maintain the quality and number of posts you make in order to build up your follower base and continue in that trend.

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2.) How To Roll The Best Marketing Campaign With Instagram Caption Quotes

Essentially when rolling out quote posts campaign you have to follow a plan, the strategies you came up with from your deliberation of the measures you based your campaign on. It’s not a post how much you can in a day or a week campaign, you have to consider the content of your insta quotes. Does it serve your marketing purpose? Does it present the mission behind your company or brand in good light? You have to provide value with your quotes not just indiscriminate quotes you find by chance. It has to offer something beyond what your company wants to sell. Your quotes has to offer value more than marketing your products. That way it makes more mark and catch more retention.

3.) It Is Best You Use Your Own Image As Much As You Can

Although there are technical requirements you have to comply with, in order to come up with digitally perfect images to use for web posts. It could be inconvenient for you but if possible you have to find ways to accumulate stock of your own images. There are inexpensive cameras with good specifications to capture those great looking images you will need. Your brand will be presented in a subtle way by the images you personally capture when you use them as background for your quotes. Creating those images with the text overlays, there are free online editors you can use for quotes posts creations. Canva is a free online editor that can help you create visually stimulating posts. It has an easy to follow interface. Also be consistent with your themes in order to establish your brand’s trademark, you may vary a little for seasonal campaigns but make sure your trademark stays.

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4.) The Best Source For The Texts You’re Going To Use On Your Posts?

As the popularity of quotes posts rise, a lot of creative people made a compilation of famous quotes written by famous people and publish these online. You just have to search the web using keywords that best represent your brand’s and company’s mission for them. Make sure every quote you use represent your best interest and vision. Also the inspirational message you want to convey, not just a sales pitch for your product. Pinterest has lots of inspirational posts that you can choose from, choose the posts with the most number of repins, it means it already has an established online reputation and relevance. If you’re not sure of how to create quote posts, there are social media consultants that offer affordable packages. 99DollarsSocial has a special package for managing your social media with quality content. One content a day, the best way to be consistent and relevant to your followers for a price a small business can definitely afford.

5.) Restraint Is The Best Virtue.

Creating these visually stimulating posts may awaken that innate artist in you. You may enjoy creating them that you may posts more than the essential. Excessive irrelevant posts may overwhelm your followers and annoy them. Make trial posts first of about 5 at the most and see how these get your followers attention. Make your interval consistent, not posts one after the other with just a few minutes in between posts. That way you can also see what kind of posts gets attention and which are passed. This way every post you make counts towards your goal.

As a small business owner you’re now confused how to manage all those enumerated above. Don’t worry 99DollarsSocial has social media management packages they offer as solution to small businesses’ problems with their social media pages. To avail of their offer, you can view their offerings here.

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