5 Tips To Creating The Best Facebook Post For Your Business

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Facebook is the leading social online network where people get to register and update their profiles, exchange messages, post photos and status updates and using various applications. Writing a post is one way of letting out your thoughts to your friends or even other people who follow your post and mostly we do this hoping to get the maximum likes, comments, and shares. Some people will get more likes, comments, and shares than others and one questions what they aren't doing right. You wonder how you can create the best Facebook post, worry no more. The following are tips and ways in which you can create a perfect Facebook post:

Best Facebook Pages

1. Keep It Short

With the increasing number of posts, pages and people that are on your news feed; you are not likely to get people to read all your posts, especially, the long ones. Your Facebook post should be short, with at least 40 characters. It may be hard to write all you want in such few words, but the fewer words they are, the better. This is because posts with fewer characters receive a higher engagement by about 86% than long posts. Short, sweet posts are likely to get a better engagement through a lot of likes, comments and shares. It is crucial that your first three or four words of your post should attract people's attention. You could use the CoShedule Headliner Analyzer tool, and it will recommend on how to improve your update. This Facebook tool will also help you in maintaining the best Facebook pages throughout your business.

2. Post At The Right Time

The time you write your post really matters because it depends on the number of people who will view it. There are times when there are many posts being shown, and they seem to be competing, hence your post may not be seen by most of your friends or followers. Posting will differ depending where you are but the best time to post is during off peak hours, during the day on weekdays and throughout the weekends. You can try and post at different times and measure when you receive better responses to your update. The time, when there are lesser competing posts, gives you a better chance of making through on the eyes of the readers Facebook page feed.

3. Use A Link

Having a link to your post will give it higher chances of people opening the link. You can ask a question, then include the link where you want people to go to, and people will have to click on it in order to get the answer. Your question should be engaging enough and eye-catching, and you can use words such as ‘would’, ‘should’, ‘who’ or ‘which’. When you put up a link on your status update, Facebook automatically pulls up the information and places it in a link format as the link posts have an advantage of fetching meta tags on the web page. On your link, control what you say or any other content that is on it.

4. Use Images Or Videos

Pictures and videos are likely to be noticed much easier than a plain post, hence gets better engagement. Before posting an image or video, review your audience and goals to get to know which will work much better for representing you and your business. Adding an image or video to your post or even putting up a picture with a link has a better response than a plain post. Images or videos that pass a positive message to your followers or friends will also be an added advantage. For a little fun and even better response, you can ask them to caption the image on their Facebook feed.

5. Offer Something To Your Audience

Posts that have promotions or offer discounts are a big motivator for people, hence you will get much better response. People love saving money so this will give them a chance to view your post most of the time. If you are selling anything, you should consider adding to your post comments such as ‘free shipping’, flash sale’ in order to promote your products or services. Giveaways and also contests are also a plus to your Facebook posts. It is important to promote only products that your followers are interested in.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t have to be a difficult task for posting the best Facebook post. Whatever your business is on Facebook, you should focus on the right posting tactics for better results. You will need to check and measure which posts usually give you better feedback than others and get to focus on writing the same type. A good Facebook post will bring back your Facebook page to life and people will connect with you, if it matters to them. Now that you know some of the ways that you can write that perfect Facebook post, you will not have to worry why others have better engagements on their posts than you. You will now have the best Facebook pages, going forward. If you need help in maintaining your Facebook business page, give 99 Dollar Social a call at 1-866-653-4175 to help take care of that for you today!

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Business News
April 23, 2017 11:10 pm

Great Facebook post can generate you business leads. You need to maximize engagement with your posts, quickly and easily communicate to your audience. An important factor is choosing great images to catch the eye of your followers and get some likes and shares.

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