5 Strategies Marketing Companies Use To Grow Your Own Business

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Setting up a new business can be very tough and deciding which marketing strategy to use for new business can be even more daunting. Usually, new businesses that have a large financial capability end up paying a fee to marketing consultants to help them with crafting and implementing an effective marketing strategy.

However, not all start-ups have the financial capability of paying an expert for marketing services. The good news is that as a new business owner, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars paying a marketing agency to handle your marketing. You can simply adopt the strategies used by most of these marketing companies, to launch your business locally or globally. Here are some marketing strategies you can successfully implement on your own.

Five Strategies to Launch Your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vital tool used by virtually all professional marketing companies. Social media marketing involves marketing activities carried out on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and several other social media platforms. Many marketing companies are using this tool as a way of launching new businesses or creating awareness of a product. Given that billions of people are using one or more social media platform, it’s a no brainer that social media marketing is very effective.

One way you can successfully start your own business is by leveraging on social media marketing. You can start off by getting active on a social media platform that is most suitable to your business and gradually adopting other social media platforms so you don’t lose other potential clients. For instance a photography startup should start with a mainly visual social media like Instagram before adopting other platforms. Social media marketing if properly carried out can result in as high as 1000% return on investment.

Pro: Social media marketing is one of the most affordable marketing types and can fit into the marketing budget of most start-ups.

Con: Managing a social media platform and running a business at the same time can get very daunting very fast. However, you can eliminate this by hiring the services of an affordable social marketing company.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Every day, millions of searches are being carried out on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and several other search engines. These searches aren’t viewed by marketing professionals as just searches but as currencies. Behind every search is an individual with a need and these individuals are often willing to pay to get their hands on the products that will meet their needs. You can take advantage of these searches to start up your own business. Imagine owning a flashlight business and your website or blog comes up each time someone searches Google for “Where to buy a G70 flashlight”.

Search engine marketing also called search marketing involves all paid search activities on search platforms. Search engine marketing often involves Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though these activities are technical, any dedicated business owner can leverage on the abundant resources in the SEM field to implement an effective social media marketing strategy.

Pro: Search engine marketing places you directly in front of people who are interested in your product or services. This often means an immediate rise in sales.

Con: Implementing an effective search engine marketing strategy is not often easy for a newbie and could require an expert.

PR Marketing

Although PR and Marketing are very different terminologies, digital marketers today have resorted to describing online PR as PR Marketing. PR marketing is a way of magnifying and improving the result of your social media activities, SEO and even offline marketing activities. Online PR often involves influencing the media, search engine, online influencers, forums, social networks and virtually the whole online community. PR marketing is often used in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

Online PR is very beneficial to start ups because it magnifies all other marketing activities. A new company can maximize the power of online PR by adopting it as part of their marketing strategy. Online PR often requires a mix of creativity, persuasiveness and technicality. PR marketing can be very easy to implement given the right tools. Resources like PRWeb and Business Wire are very invaluable for implementing an effective PR strategy.

If you want to design your PR marketing strategy, you must consider your overall marketing strategy. An effective PR marketing strategy must have a strategy that is in line with existing marketing activities.

Pro: The most vital benefit of PR marketing is that it lends credibility to a business. Credibility often inspires trust in the minds of your audience and trust results in sales for your new business.

Con: PR marketing is a very delicate marketing activity and can often produce damaging results if not properly conceived or executed.

Content Marketing

The internet is controlled by one thing: information. Without information, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. The need for valuable information led to the birth and rapid growth of content marketing. Content marketing yields so many benefits that it’s no surprise that marketers are spending a lot of time on content marketing.

Content marketing involves the strategic and consistent creation and distribution of valuable content or information for the purpose of attracting an audience. Established brands all around the world use content marketing as a way of reaching out to new and prospective customers and pitching new product ideas.

Nothing drives a new business like value. If you’re able to offer your prospective customers, valuable content, it would help you kick start your new business in no time. You must establish a content strategy that coverts on your website and social media pages. Content marketing can be carried out across both digital and non-digital platforms, online and offline. In order to successfully carry out content marketing, you must take your time to research on what makes one content stand out from the billions of content available today. Some content marketing types to explore include infographics, web-content, videos and podcasts. You can check out Copyblogger for tips on how to craft great content.

Pro: Content marketing establishes a business as an expert in a specific industry making it the stop point for services or products in that industry.

Con: Content marketing is both tasking and time consuming which is why a lot of business have un-updated blogs and social media pages. However, if you don’t have the time to implement a valuable and persistent content marketing strategy, you can outsource to a professional.

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is a marketing technique most marketing companies use when they want immediate action to be taken by an audience. Promotional marketing often leverages on competitions and freebies to motivate its target audience. Most people are naturally motivated by a big prize or free item. Promotional marketing can be carried out online or offline.

However, online promotional activities are more likely to go viral than offline promotional activities. Marketers often leverage on the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to implement promotional marketing strategies that go viral.

Promotional marketing is very beneficial for kick starting a new business and getting people to talk about it. When implementing a promotional marketing strategy, you must carefully strategize on two things

1. Promotional message - what do you want your audience to know or remember about your campaign?

2. Avenue - which platform would best increase the chances of your audience getting your message?

3. Retention – How do you plan to retain your audience attention after the promotion?

Pro: Promotional marketing activities often result in immediate surge in sales and awareness.

Con: If you don’t have an effective retention method, you’d most likely lose a significant number of your audience after the promotion.

Final Thoughts…

Marketing is the heartbeat of any business so as a new business owner, you should get your marketing activities right. You can start implementing these cost effective marketing strategies used by major marketing companies. However, I advice that you don’t just adopt one marketing strategy rather a combination of marketing strategies always prove more effective. This might get overwhelming for a new business owner so I’d advice that you look for effective but affordable experts like 99DollarSocial to help you implement a marketing strategy that packs a punch!


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