5 Reasons Social Media Advertising Agencies Give the Best ROI

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All day social media surrounds our lives, and many of us don’t even know it. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, and many more, we are constantly connected to each other. Through social media we are also connected to something else, advertisements. How many times have you logged into your Facebook page and seen an ad for the shopping website you were just browsing, and even better, the picture in the ad is the exact same shirt you were looking to buy. How did they know? That’s social advertising for you.

Lately, more and more companies are using social media advertising agencies to get their product out, and it’s working. In 2013 companies spent over $5.1 billion on social media advertising, and it went so well that the next year was projected to be almost tripled. Here are five reasons why social media advertising agencies give you the best ROI.

1. Reaching a Large Diverse Audience on a Daily Basis

With many social media out there, it can seem very intimidating. How do I make an ad? How do I know my customers are seeing it? Well, the great news is you don’t have to. With demand for advertising on social media many new companies have been created that are called social media management agencies.

These agencies take the guesswork out of it for you and make sure to place your ad on the best social media where the most potential clients will see it. The top four most popular social media are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, with Facebook alone reaching 1.9 billion people every day. If you want your potential customers to see your product then you need to pick the social media they are most likely to go on to see your product in order to get the best ROI.

2. Specific to your Company's Niche

When you’re deciding on which social media management agency to use, you want to pick the best social media agency for your company's niche. The right agency will know exactly where to advertise your products through certain social media groups and through tags. Think about it, if you have a rock-climbing store and want to bring in more business, the top social media agency will know how to use social media to find customers using specific pages or tags. Local climbers who are a part of the Facebook page for a climbing gym or pages such as “East Coast Rock Climbers” will now see your company's ad conveniently located here, a sure way to increase your ROI.

3. Better Brand Recognition

Having brand recognition is one of the most important things to a company. It’s where you go from “hand me a tissue” to “hand me a Kleenex.” You want people to think of your company as the only brand of your business field. The best way to accomplish this is to have your product or company be the most common thing people see. Social media marketing agency services makes this possible by advertising to mass amounts of many different audiences at the same time. The more people that see your brand or product the more brand recognition you get, which brings in more revenue to your company.

4. Client Has Direct Access to Your Company Website

When working with a social media marketing agency you don’t just have pictures of your company's products on social media. If a person clicks on your advertisement you have your entire webpage linked to that so they now can go from viewing a single picture to seeing every single product your company offers. The best social media agencies know how to use this to the best of their advantage. For example, they know that if a new mother was a part of a child swim group they should place the advertisement of their client, who owns a children's clothing and accessories company, on that swim class website. However, they also know that the best item to place on the website would be child swimsuits and floating devices. Social media marketing agencies provide services that many wouldn’t think about in situations such as these. The ROI is going to be much greater when you have professionals who know what markets to advertise your products to.

5. Decreased Expenses on Advertising

Before, social media management agencies would get their client’s name out to the public many different ways. They would rent billboards, magazine ads, put up posters, and, of course, TV ads. All of these add up, though. Billboards, magazine and TV ads all cost a large amount of money and only reach a small amount of people who drive by the billboard or are tuned in to the channel that your ad is on when it plays. That’s where social media comes in handy. Social media agencies will work towards their company’s ads being able to reach a much broader range of people all day without even having to buy a single billboard. In fact, over 95% of businesses gained exposure with as little as six hours of social media advertising a week. This is because instead of having the customers come to the ad, you bring the ad to the customer, which in the end brings in a better ROI for less ad space.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing agencies are the way to go these days if you want the best ROI for your company. They provide frequently updated fresh content to your Facebook and Twitter any day, any time for a low yearly price. When you invest in a round-the-clock top social media agency, like 99 Dollar Social, you’ll not only be getting the best social media agency for your company, you will see an increase in traffic to your site, brand recognition, diversity in your audience and a decrease in ad spending among many other positive changes, and all for a small yearly payment.

All of these things lead to an increased ROI. It’s basically all gain and no loss when it comes to using a social media marketing service for your company. So if you’re ready to take your company to the next level, call 99 Dollar Social at (866) 653-4175.

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