5 Essentials For Writing Good Instagram Captions For Marketing

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Since it’s becoming more popular each day, Instagram is the perfect place for you to promote your business and sales in a fast way. If the choice of the pictures you decide to post on here matters, the same goes for their captions. In order to make a successful web marketing campaign, you have to be very strategic when it comes to you instagram captions.

1. The Optimum Length For Your Captions

Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have a short characters limit for pictures description. However, you have to use the right length; one of the many existing golden rules includes that you mustn’t write something too long, because it might bore your followers, and they wouldn’t even take time to read it until the end. Do so only when you are sure that it’s about a topic that will keep your readers interest until the last line.

As an example, if your company is related to cooking, recipes are such clever instagram captions that will get you tons of likes and shares. Otherwise, keep your captions short; people don’t usually spend too much time on a social media post, as they just scroll on their timeline to see something interesting. By doing so, they might be missing you out, and that’s why a shorter caption should always be favored.

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2. Always Take Your Time To Write Your Captions

Don’t rush when it comes to writing your instagram captions, because the best ideas sometimes come too late. For an efficient instagram marketing campaign, you’re probably planning every post to make, so take one day or two to write several captions in a draft, and filter them so only the most interesting and effective are kept. Keep on mind that once it is posted online, you can’t change your captions without it affecting your SEO results.

One way to proceed consists in writing a long caption, where you include everything you want to say about the related picture in the post. Once it is done, you can reshape and shorten each draft at will, or rewrite some part of it to get the best instagram captions. Manage to keep it at a length that is not exceeding three or four lines, because Instagram will cut it when it’s too long, and will add a “read more” hyperlink. Also, wait until you’re really satisfied before using the aforementioned caption.

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3. Make Your Followers React

Social media users are often scrolling on their timeline to be entertained, so it’s up to you to complete that task. Post interesting, funny and beautiful pictures related to your company, while staying on the right side of the line between “good content” and “click bait”. Clever instagram captions can incite the users to react with the post without looking like a spam, and if you ask too much for reactions from your followers, they’d perceive it as you’re excessively begging for it. It’s okay to ask for a comment from your follower if they have something relatable to say, or if it might interest the other readers. Use sentences such as “share your story in the comment” or “like this post if…” to incite your users to interact with you.

4. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

If hashtags are a good way to earn visibility, they can benefit you only if you know how to exactly use them. Instagram is known for its users’ posts which contains up to 20 or more hashtags that are not even totally related to the picture. To avoid being considered as a spam by your targeted audience, never use more than four hashtags for your instagram captions, and chose them wisely. If you know how to properly use hashtags, it can enhance the visibility of your account. Users often check them to read posts about subjects that they’re interested about, and it’s always pleasant to find relevant content among an ocean of spams.

5. Get Closer To Your Audience

Social media can be used to create affinity between you and your customers. You can do so with Instagram by telling moving stories in which your followers can relate. They’ll be more incline to share and like your posts if they can recognize themselves in it. Also, using cute instagram captions with puppies or baby animals is an efficient way to create emotions in your followers. They are more likely to “bond” with your instagram account if you post things they like, and baby animals are one of the most popular things on the internet.

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