5 Easy Things To Help Your Website Get More Repeat Visitors

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5 Easy Things To Help Your Website Get More Repeat Visitors

One of the best measures of a successful website is its ability to attract the same users back to the site again and again. This can be extremely useful, because return visitors are much more likely to purchase products from your site than a first-time visitor would be. For businesses which have to be concerned with sales conversions, this is a critical point, because it means that you have kindled interest in the user to a level where they are willing to return to your site, and possibly become a client.

It’s also much more cost-effective to encourage previous visitors to return to your site, than it is to try and attract a totally new visitor to your website. Here are five of the best and most effective ways to encourage repeat visitors to come back to your website.

Keep content current and fresh

The frequency of any updates you make on your website will depend to a large extent on the nature of your updates, but it’s always best to update as often as possible to keep content on your site current and fresh. That will provide something new and interesting for a visitor each time they come back to your site, and if you keep that content interesting enough, you may have users who become very anxious to come back daily or weekly to see the new content you’ve posted.

A website which retains the same information week after week and month after month, will be perceived by the vast number of followers as stagnant and inactive. By keeping users interested in your regular posts, you’ll stand a much better chance of bringing them back frequently, and becoming site regulars.

Start a blog

5 Easy Things To Help Your Website Get More Repeat VisitorsThis tip is an extension of the first one described above, because by starting a regular blog, you’ll have a wonderful forum for keeping content fresh and current. Blogs can be a great way of attracting new visitors to your site as well as previous users, but in order to increase your following, you have to be sure and post high-quality content every single time. It’s also good to get into the habit of posting your new blogs on a specific frequency and on a specific day, for instance every Wednesday of the week, so that your followers will get into the habit of returning every Wednesday to see what new and exciting post you’ve put on your blog.

If you can consistently maintain quality content that’s relevant to your followers, it will be easier for you earn their trust and establish a loyal following among visitors to your site. The kind of content that you include in your blog should be material which has particular interest to the target audience that you have in mind, i.e. those people whom you specifically want to attract your website.

You probably don’t want to make a sales pitch in your regular blog postings, because that will likely turn more people off instead of getting them interested. Instead, write about events of interest to your followers, or try to establish a rapport by identifying with their wants and needs. You should also make a point of trying to establish your blogs as an authoritative voice in your industry or marketplace.

Solicit email addresses

When you successfully encourage visitors to your website at least once, it’s a good idea to try and get their email address, so that you can add them to your mailing list, and keep them informed whenever there are events going on in your company, such as new product launches or personnel changes.

The simplest way to do this is to place a button or link, or possibly a sign-up form in a spot on your website which is very prominent to the user and cannot be ignored. While a great many users would normally shy away from simply providing you with their email address, you can encourage a much larger signup number by making special offers to your followers. One good example would be to send a useful e-book to all those users who provide you with their email addresses.

Link to social media

5 Easy Things To Help Your Website Get More Repeat VisitorsAnother great way of referring repeat visitors to your website is to make sure that you’ve established a profile on as many of the social media as you can. Any posts which you submit to the social media can include a link which refers readers back to your website. This will also demonstrate to users that you have a significant Internet presence, and that your company is active and engaged with social media followers, so they’ll be more inclined to communicate with you.

Free samples and discounts

One of the surest ways to encourage repeat visitors to come to your site is to provide them with something of value, which will make it in their best interest to come back to your site. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, but a couple of the best ways are to offer free samples of your products or to offer discounts to return visitors, so that they can save money on their purchases.

If you can do this periodically, you will get your followers into the habit of checking regularly on your website to see when the latest discount or free samples are being offered. Another way you could encourage people to return to your site is to offer free shipping on products, so that they will choose your company over a competitor, because you’ve provided significant value to them.

When you can provide value to your followers which they can’t obtain at other sites, you can be much more certain that they will come back to your website repeatedly, because you’ve given them something no one else has. The key to this approach is simply to find that kind of value which interests your customers and your followers, so that your website becomes very appealing to them, and they simply have to come back.

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Heather Hart

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