5 Amazing Marketing Ideas For Local Online Affiliate Businesses

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Are you still struggling to achieve acceptable results with your social media marketing? You are not alone. A lot of people end up dashed when trying to attain the best results because they're using methods that just don't bring success. I'm sure you've already revisited your social media strategy zillion times. You may have created accounts on all relevant social networks with no benefits. As a last resort, you may have also posted large amount of content on major social platforms with minimal returns.

It’s common situation for an affiliate marketer. With so many clues out there, how do you know which one to follow? Keeping this in mind, there are certain tricks that worked for me in recent times and I’m going to share it with you. Here are the 5 amazing marketing ideas for local affiliate marketing to help take your social media engagement to the next level:

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1. Rework Your Facebook

With more than 1 billion active users every day, Facebook is the undisputed king of any social media strategy. With the ever-increasing footprint, Facebook is more relevant than ever. But, is it being maximized to its full potential?

Affiliate marketers are finding it difficult to produce direct revenue from Facebook efforts. Check out few online marketing ideas that can tune your Facebook campaign for better results:

Facebook Messenger - Facebook is really putting in effort to understand the needs of affiliates and small business owners. The messenger app is a tool that lets you develop an immediate connection with your prospective customers. There are options to send customized messenger greetings for new customers, setting your own response time and much more. Facebook messenger has amazingly tailored features for a local affiliate business.

Native video - It’s the video that is uploaded directly to your account and plays itself when the user is scrolling down their timeline. Hence, it automatically becomes an effective tool to get the attention right away. With so many freelancer platforms offering cost-effective video solutions, it's a crime not to make an interesting and engaging video for your business. It's a pity not many realize the power of native videos.

Rework Facebook Ads - Highlight a clear value that appeals to local audience. Mention the problem and the solution in your ads. Also, ensure that images are local and tie directly into the headline and CTA. The image text, headline and the grand offer should all be one voice.

Looking at these features, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Try them out one at a time. If you're looking for quality advice pertaining to Facebook ads, you can give folks at 99dollarsocial a call anytime.

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2. Snappy Snapchat

With a rare power to target millennials, Snapchat is another underrated platform for affiliate marketers. In fact, it is a rich source for some of the better local marketing ideas in recent times. The competition is also not fierce which is all the more reason for an affiliate to adopt it early.

● You can easily market your unique proposition through visual storytelling. Try posting quality stories that leave a lasting impact. You can also publish fun facts, behind the scenes or even offer exclusive coupons that can be redeemed by the users.

● Snapchat Geofilters is an interactive feature which is used mostly by small businesses. These are the graphical overlays available to Snapchat users, when they've enabled the location services on their device. It's the least intrusive form of advertising, offering a wide reach at a competitive cost. You'd require initial training to know the best times and locations to use this feature. For a detailed explanation, check out this.

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3. The Loop

Instagram loop is another perfectly suited feature for any local marketing campaign. It involves an affiliate, distributor or supplier creating a promotional giveaway that users can benefit from.

A loop requires multiple stakeholders right from the affiliate to retailer and eventually the customer. The customers can win great incentives once they interact with the ongoing campaign. It can be used to quickly increase the visibility and audience engagement for a brand.

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4. Let's GO With Pokemon

The Geolocation based game that turns your locales into an interactive game is an instant hit. It's a gold mine for local marketers. As a location based game there are certain terms (places) like Pokémon gyms or Pokestops. The first order of action is to find out whether your location is one of these designated stops.

If you are one of these lucky locations, embrace it. In fact find out ways to connect this Pokémon craze with your social media campaigns or giveaways. It's an opportunity to create amazing content that makes a business stand apart from the crowd. It caters to an audience that the local business cannot ignore.

Although the enthusiasm about the potential of the game is diminishing and is certainly on the decline. Still, it's always better to stay involved in the next big thing. You can never know what could be the next platform for those crazy marketing ideas.

Marketing is an evolving phenomenon. Never miss an opportunity to jump on a successful bandwagon. Today it's Pokémon, tomorrow it can be something else. Showcase your business as a vibrant and a receptive brand, adapting fast to new changes.

local affiliate marketing, local marketing ideas, marketing ideas, online marketing ideas

5. Be a Part of The Tribe

There are major advantages that you get as an affiliate targeting a local audience. It's important to leverage these features. For example, If you sell a product in Alabama, you need to speak to local customers with a sense of pride about their history. Know the local lingo and conversations that are prevalent. If you were to attend the same event in two different towns, the conversations would be completely different. Modify the context according to the city and culture.

Identify with the local issues and values. Know their point of excitement and disgust. Just try to be one of them.


Seeing the success that I personally achieved from these online marketing ideas, I’m sure you'd be able to

● make your social campaigns more relatable.

● re-align your Facebook strategy again.

● utilize new age social media sites for better interaction.

Considering the amount of time users spend online, local marketers or affiliates should never lose hope in social media. You need a skillfully crafted local affiliate marketing plan with a reasonable goal in mind. Rework, redesign and keep moving till you get success. Remember, one size does NOT fit all, in any business.


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