5 Amazing Ideas To Create Instagram Bio Quotes For New Business Startup

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There is no doubt that social media is an essential for any business – especially a startup. For a startup company, social media outlets can be an easy and affordable way to get your name out to thousands, without ever leaving the office. Tools like insta bio quotes are a great opportunity to give your followers a brief description of you and your company that will get your message across. A great way to ensure that you will be successful with this, or if you are struggling, is to hire a social media marketing company. Hiring a company such as $99 Social, allows you to ensure quality social media for an inexpensive fee. This will free up some of your time and provide you with fresh, top notch content. While amazing ideas for Instagram bio quotes can be hard to come up with, don’t worry, that is what this read is for!

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

While Twitter allows for 140 characters per tweet, Instagram allows for an extra 10 characters in your profile bio – giving you a total of 150 characters. The best Instagram bio quotes should not need more than this, though. Hence the “keep it short and sweet.” Your followers, or just profile visitors in general, are not looking to read something long when they visit your profile. They are looking for something they can glance over, but suddenly know so much about you. This is why the importance of packing as much information into those 150 characters is crucial, but you must use it wisely. You only need a few sentences to get across who you are, what you do and a link to your website. Come up with a catch phrase! Create a tag line or catch phrase that is no more than 75 characters that describes who your company is and what they do. This will still leave you with half of your characters to be used on a link to your website or other information you feel would be intriguing to your audience.

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2. Use Keywords And Links Wisely

Instagram offers a website option in the profile settings – this will appear as a hyperlink in your profile bio. Although you are able to put additional websites in your actual profile bio section, any websites put in this area will not appear as a hyperlink. I would not suggest putting additional websites in your profile bio, as this is not convenient for your audience and therefore will mostly just clutter your bio without gaining your websites any additional traffic. The great thing about the website section though, is the fact that you can always change it. Many big businesses use this trick – simply post a picture to a product that you are promoting and say “link is in the bio!” in your caption. Tip: links do not show as a hyperlink in your caption either. Then, change your website link to the product link for the next day or two, then switch it back. By putting the link in your bio, you are creating more traffic to your profile and making it easier for your reader to purchase the product.

3. Make It fun And Unique

We all know that unique and visually appealing characters intrigue us more than a simple bio that is a few sentences long and only uses periods as punctuation. One of the greatest tools to intrigue your readers – and something that is great for Instagram – is the art of emoji’s. Instagram bio quotes are a great place to use these! This is also a great tool to save you characters. You have the ability to use an emoji in the place of an actual word. This will catch your reader’s eye, while also giving them less to actually read.

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4. Avoid Copy And Paste

This ties right in with the last point about keeping it unique; try not to just copy and paste your normal company description to your Instagram quotes bio. Keep it interesting and create new material for each social media site that you use. This will allow your readers to learn more and more about you through each site they visit. For Instagram, keep it more playful and informal than you would on your actual business website. Since you are a startup company, make your Instagram bio an informal introduction of yourself and your company. Just keep it fun!

5. Consider Your Target Audience

This one is important. All successful Instagram bio quotes consider their target audience first. This will allow you to decide if you should use acronyms, text abbreviations and more emoji’s or if you are geared more towards the formal and straightforward crowd. Especially if your target audience is a younger crowd, use your bio to highlight your best-selling products or a sale, something that will intrigue them enough to visit your link.

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