3 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing Social Media Packages

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We all know that social media marketing is here to stay. And by now you probably suspect that it is (maybe) far more complex and time-consuming than your personal foray into social networking. So what do you do? As an entrepreneur and business owner you know building your social media presence is a priority and you also know that you don’t have enough hours in the day. Most likely you’ve come to the logical conclusion to get some outside expert help…but you want it done right.

No fear! I am here to help you find the best and most affordable social media package for your business. Here are three key questions to ask when looking at the many options out there:

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1. Does This Firm/Freelancer Know My Business And My Customers?

The whole point of leveraging the power of social media in your marketing plan is to reach your target audience. So why launch an Instagram channel if most of your customers prefer Twitter? An important factor to consider when looking at potential social media marketing packages is whether the firm or freelancer will do its homework. Does the package include extensive and skilled research into your business and target audience? A social media marketing company worth its salt will perform this research, look at what your competitors are doing, and map out an actionable plan for your social media.

I know the decision to hire somebody outside your business to launch and run your social media channels is nerve-wracking. Which is why it’s so important to choose a package at a company that will include a dive deep into your world. They will get to know your business and customers – maybe even with some insights you never would have thought of! Plus, they will approach researching your company through the lens of a social media marketing expert and be able to best target your audience.

Which brings me to my next point…

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2. What Will They Post ?

Once you know that a firm will learn everything about your business and customers, it is crucial that they will craft content that is consistent with your brand and engaging for your audience. In the entire scope of things, this is the bulk of the service provided by your social media marketing firm. It requires creativity, consistency, and long-term maintenance. When looking at social media packages, check to see if they include clear information about how content is created and how often. Do they offer strategies for making content calendars? Do they include visual content? Will they post three times a week or every day? Finally, content should be informative, lively, and engaging.

The creation and management of your social media content will ultimately help you build an online community of devoted fans and increase your online reputation. Plus, just one fan could turn into multiple referrals…and more conversions. Woohoo! Are you imagining the possibilities and getting pumped? I hope so because it gets better.

3. How Do They Know What Works ?

Data. I know, a little boring, BUT it is the future. Though this is an added bonus, it’s important to check to see if social media packages include the gathering of metrics to inform content strategy. The type of data a firm would collect includes which content gets more clicks and the location of your fans and page views. Also, they should have general data-driven knowledge. For example, if you run a Twitter channel, do they know which hashtags related to your business are most searched? Do they know that for a certain type of business and customer, social media contests are super successful? There are just a few ways a social media marketing company would use data to make your social media better.

This type of data-driven approach helps create a strategic plan for your social media. The results? More people can find you online. Your customers and fans see more content that is relevant to them and share it with their networks. Trust, loyalty, and brand recognition follow.

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There you have it. We all know that out of all the internet marketing packages you can consider, social media is your best investment. So you are handing the reins of your social media marketing over to an outside firm or freelancer. Which would cause most business owners to have a mini panic attack. But not you. You, my friend, are now privy to the three questions to ask when looking for the best and most affordable social media package.

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