3 Easy Strategies To Claim Your Business Instagram Names

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Your account names, not only on Instagram but on every existing social media, are important, as they are how you’re widely known across the internet. In order to benefit of every advantage brought to you by having well-chosen Instagram names, you have to properly claim the aforementioned name for your brand or company.

1. Make Sure That Your Desired Name Is Available

On the internet, thousands of accounts are created each day by everyone around the world, and chances are the Instagram names that you want are already taken. The first thing you should do is list every potentially good Instagram names that you want for your brand’s Instagram account. Once it is done, you can now go check if there’s an existing account already using the name. If the name is still free, you’re advised to create an account and claim it user as yours, so no one else can take it.

If the name isn’t free anymore, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. You can talk to the owner of the account and nicely ask them if they want to sell you their account. It’s important to be nice because they might not be willing to give you the account if you’re unpleasant. There are people who creates tons of accounts with cool Instagram names, just for the sake of selling them to companies, and you might have to deal with one of them. If the account is inactive, you can report it to Instagram and claim it as using your brand name.

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2. Chose A Unique Instagram Name

The best instagram names are the most originals. Your instagram account's name has to be unique, because if there are too many accounts with names similar to yours, you might be mistaken to be one of them. Remember that your instagram name will be spread among your other social networks profiles, so it can earn visibility. It can become troublesome when you create professional pages on websites like Facebook, and on which you'd like to share your company's instagram profile. Indeed, especially on Facebook, you can find a dozen of pages owning the same name.

In order to be notorious on your niche, be sure your instagram names won't be considered as someone else's copycats. However, you supposedly won't have that problem if you've chosen a good brand name in the first place. Note that you can't always have the same name on every social network, so be ready to make some compromises, and to change it a bit. However, it is important to use the same names for major social media websites, and Instagram is one of these.

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3. Spread Your Instagram Names Across The Web

People don't often limit themselves to a single profile on one social media website, and they generally subscribe in many of them. You can reach them and share your instagram professional pages on other social media, such as in Facebook or Twitter.

For example, for each post you make on Instagram, you can share it on the Facebook page of your company. It allows you to reach new followers outside the Instagram website, and to incite your Facebook audience to subscribe on your instagram page. It's convenient if your instagram name is the same as your Facebook name; in which case, you just have to mention it on pictures you post, and specify it's your name on the website, so people can find you there.

Twitter is actually the best place where you can claim your instagram names. This social media is particularly dynamic, and allow people to discover new content and connect with interesting people and brands. You actually don’t have to spam people with your content to get them knowing about your instagram profile. You just have to mention your instagram names in your profile bio, so your followers know they can reach you there.

Your website is another way to let people know about your instagram profile. There are buttons that take place somewhere on your website, and they directly link to your accounts on social media, but it's not the only way to spread the word about your instagram names with your website. If it has a banner, you can use some space on it to specify your name on every social media website, including instagram. It's very common to do so on almost every social pages, which banners contains social media usernames.

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