14 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

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The best platform to run a successful business on social media is Facebook. It provides several options to post your content, whereas other platforms give restrictions on content and word count. So how can you build a business with simple Facebook page post engagement? It is no doubt one of the best social media marketing platforms for upcoming entrepreneurs.  Let’s find out about 14 surefire ways to grow your followers and enhance your online business for maximum profitability.

These tested strategies should fetch you Facebook followers who will eventually turn into customers with time from your engagement rate for Facebook page.

1.    Post a Few Times a week

Imagine spamming your Facebook with fresh content every hour. It’s tedious and monotonous. Purpose to post quality, and well thought out content on all your Facebook business pages. You can post content once a day to allow sufficient time to research content related to your products or services. Some businesses have made significant success by posting up to 10 times on their Facebook pages. However, if you’re relatively new, it’s best to concentrate on quality rather than quantity and gradually increase your posts as your viewership grows.

2.    Post during Peak Hours

Nowadays it’s no longer safe to generalize when social media masses log into Facebook. If you have local clients, it’s easy to monitor their online activity using your history data. You can do this by visiting the Facebook Page Insights on your page under the Post Tab.  Using your statistics, deduce the preferred timings to publish your posts during peak and moderately peak hours.

3. Develop Content Using Facebook Lingo

Engagement rate for Facebook page depends on the type content posted. Hashtags may not attract as much attention as stories and live videos. So, experiment with different content to see what attracts your followers. Try posting emotional pictures, questions, videos and engaging stories to develop a consistency that works for your fans.

4. Make Marketing Videos

Video marketing is the new social media marketing craze. Users watch millions of engaging videos every minute on YouTube, Snap chat, and Facebook. If you do not know how to develop marketing videos, engage a social media manager to assist with the basics of video marketing on Facebook. Statistics show that videos increased engagement rate for Facebook page by nearly 80% of users who’ve tried it. Remember, most Facebook users prefer surfing on their mobile phones, so keep this in mind while making your marketing videos. Upload square videos on Facebook, for compatibility with mobile phone users.

5. Use Facebook Live

Facebook launched live videos sometime last year, and the social media gurus have aggressively fronted this engagement method to their customers this year. Facebook reported that 80 % of fans watch live videos more than the ordinary ones posted manually. People comment more on live videos than on ordinary ones.

6. Sharing is Caring

Sharing curated content synonymous with yours is a great way to cross-sell your products with other brands. It combines followers to generate more engagement rate for Facebook page on the respective platforms.

7. Expert Advice

Customer engagement is always a delight when you’ve posted content that is engaging and shareable. Here’s a good chance to offer expert advice to your fans and potential customers based on the conversation on your Facebook post. You can also share relevant information and answer any questions from your engagement rate on your page.

8. Boost Your Popular Posts

You never know when you’ll strike a golden moment with your Facebook content. But when that moment comes, set aside a budget to boost popular content on your Facebook page. This presents an extended period to engage your fans and or clients. Such posts reach potentially more people and extend engagement on your page for days, or weeks on end. Take advantage. In such instances and consider boosting your performing Facebook posts. A daily budget of about $20 will reach more viewers up to three times of your current followers.

9. Re-Post Performing Posts

Recycling your top performing posts generates new engagement and takes up the conversation from where it left off. A fresh audience picks up the conversation and invites more people through exposure such as new likes, comments, and shares. Besides boosting your favored posts, you can also recycle them. Wait 3-4 weeks before reposting content. Your engagement rate for Facebook page increases with new followers.

10. Study Competitor Facebook Pages

Compare content and performance of other pages in your niche to know what works and what doesn’t. Facebook has a fantastic tool called Pages to Watch for performance comparison with competitors.

11. Testing Content

Try posting diverse types of content to test what your fans love the most. Try pictures, videos, stories, and captions on different days. You never know what might drive engagement if you don’t offer different kinds of content. You can get the results from analyzing your Page analytics on the Facebook page admin section.

12. Audience Interaction

The best way to engage with fans on Facebook is to respond to questions and comments on your posts. Customers feel appreciated when their issues are addressed directly, and a solution provided when required. Include your name in all your replies to personalize the response to give your brand a human face. Answer Facebook messages promptly. A quick response makes customers trust you and your brand. You may also thank happy clients who leave encouraging reviews or clarify the concerns of negative customers.

13. Host Contests

Facebook contests and giveaway bring out more customer engagement than any other type of content. The secret with contests is to have them occasionally to maintain a cordial relationship with your fans. Give appropriate gift packs that clients would love, to encourage engagement and a possible order after the contest is over. Offer genuine giveaways to enhance trust with your future customers.

14. Create a Facebook Group

There are no restrictions on the creation of business pages you can launch on Facebook. A great way to maximize fan reach is to open a Facebook group and link it to your branded page. This way, you create a platform for your loyal followers to participate more, providing awareness and of course, more engagement with your brand. If you sell household items, for example, post your marketing stuff on your Facebook page and let clients engage and share their reviews and concerns on your Facebook Group.

Acquiring many followers on your FB page is crucial for credibility and marketing purposes. Ensure that your products or services match up your hyped marketing drive on the most popular social media platform.




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Heather Hart

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