13 Useful Tips To Become A Leading Social Media Expert

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Social media expert wasn’t a huge thing until about a decade ago. In fact if you called yourself a social media expert five years ago, people would assume you were one of those people who spent their time typing away at their phones with nothing better to do with time. However with the growth of social media and the number of people using it, social media has become important not just for communication but also for doing business.

Virtually every business today needs a social media expert so it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to build their careers in the social media niche. Social media is a core aspect of businesses today so many businesses take it very serious.

They make sure to consult only people who are experts at social media and who can take their businesses to the next level. If you’re looking to be a go to consultant when there’s a need for expert social media services or you’re just looking to build a career in social media, I’ll be sharing some useful tips I’ve gathered over the several years I’ve spent in the social media industry.

Here are thirteen tips to help you become a social media expert:

1. Use Social Management Tools

The key to becoming an expert at social media isn’t trying to do everything yourself. That would definitely wear you out since social media is so massive. You can become an expert by simply using the many social media management tools available today. The fact is this, when you see an expert driver, it really makes no difference if he’s using an automatic or manual car; all that matters is that he’s great at driving. That’s exactly how it is with social media tools.

2. Keep Up With Trends

The world of social media is dynamic so if you’re going to be an expert and remain an expert, then you’d have to keep up with the ever changing sphere of social media. You have to stay up to date with social marketing trends and behaviors. You also have to be informed on changes made to social media platforms.

3. Deliver Value Always

The quickest way to establish your expertise on social media is by delivering value all the time. You have to show your audience that you know your onion by crafting content and activities that give them new and valuable information.

4. Measure Always

There is no expertise in social media without learning the art measurement. Measurement is the only way you can prove that you are able to bring in great returns on social media investment. At the end of the day, people would only see you as an expert if you’re able to produce results.

5. Outsource

Like I earlier mentioned, social media expertise isn’t about doing all the work yourself. Becoming a social media expert is more about smart work than hard work. In fact, I know a few acclaimed social media experts that know nothing of social media activities. They’re just great at getting clients and then outsourcing the needs of these clients. However, I’d encourage to know all of social media well enough, focus on becoming really good at a specific social media activity and then outsource the rest.

6. Get Testimonials

Testimonials are like little stamps that validate expertise online. Despite the fact that as an online expert, I know many businesses are paying for testimonials, I still feel more secure dealing with a business that has it on their website. Get testimonials from your clients and watch your social media expertise become validated online.

7. Join a Community of Experts

One of the best ways to become an expert is to actually identify with other expert in your niche. Form an alliance with other experts in your niche by reaching out to them and featuring them on your own blog or social media pages. The more you identify with social media experts, the more audiences in your niche would view you as a social media expert.

8. Attend Social Media Events

There are hundreds of social media events that take place worldwide. While some of these events are local, other are globally acclaimed. You can quickly establish your expertise by attending these events which will expose you to a network of experts and keep you informed on the latest trends in the industry. Another great way to use this to showcase your expertise is to feature your attendance of these events on your blog or social media handles. This would show people that you’re passionate about what you do.

9. Have a large Social Media Footprint

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can’t claim to be a social media expert if you don’t have a large social media footprint. In fact most businesses that want to hire a social media expert will use the activity on your social media handle to judge how well you can handle their own social media platforms. So you have to be sure to establish active social media pages across all social media platforms.

10. Teach Someone about Social Media

One of the fastest ways to become an expert at anything is by teaching someone about it. You can build your expertise by turning your online platforms into an avenue to teach other people about social media. Be sure to share your teachings on social media across multiple online platforms; this would definitely spread the word about your expertise among your prospective audience.

11. Ask Questions Always

I’ve learnt a lot asking questions even as a social media expert. Like I earlier stated, social media industry is highly dynamic and massive. You really can’t grasp it all at once. So the best way to build your expertise is to ask lots of questions. The answer to these questions would open you up various trick of the social media industry.

12. Get a Social Media Job

Nothing builds expertise as fast as learning on the job. The thought of even having to stutter before your boss would spur you into getting an almost impossible task done. You can become a social media expert by simply taking on a social media job. The best thing would be starting out with entry level jobs to give you a chance to grow gradually. This would be especially great if you’re looking to build a career in social media industry.

13. Be Consistent

This is one key tip I usually never leave out in any article I write. The only thing that would help you remain a social media expert after you’ve attained that status in consistency. Don’t stop doing what works, don’t stop learning, don’t stop enlarging your online footprint and don’t stop offering value.

Becoming a social media expert is highly beneficial in more ways than one. You can use your social media skills for personal use or make money off it. With the tips in this article, you can become a leading social media expert in your niche. I also advice that you keep up with updates on our blog because we’re all about social media expertise.


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