12 Skills You Must Have To Become A Great Digital Marketing Consultant

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Everyone has the idea of being able to work on the internet, as it’s one industry that will only continue to grow over the years. Becoming a digital marketing consultant can be a rewarding profession, but there are several factors that separate novice professionals from experienced ones. Some of the most established marketing consultants have yet to take advantage of the skills that are necessary to set themselves apart from the competition. Below are just 12 of the many skills you’ll need to become a stellar professional in the online marketing industry.

1. Finding New Clients

You’ve taken the time to develop a digital marketing firm and now you’re ready to start making money, but where are you going to find clients and how are you going to attract them? Before you can start marketing businesses to their target audiences, you first have to market yourself to these businesses. There are dozens of resources to use ranging from networking with past employers and co-workers to finding new clients by offering free services in exchange for a positive review.

2. Auditing Past Marketing Regimes

Every business had a marketing plan in place prior to your employment and it most likely wasn’t working, which is why they’re looking for your professional help. It’s your responsibility to audit past marketing regimes and determine why they never helped the business in the past. This is the best way for any digital marketing consultant to figure out what not to do when developing new strategies.

3. Developing New Strategies

Now that you have clear guidelines on what to avoid you’ll need to create realistic goals for your marketing strategy that includes key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics are essential for evaluating whether your current marketing plan is a success or a failure and they let you know well in advance so you can reevaluate your plan.

4. Understanding Brand Influence

It’s important that you talk to your client and determine what their most important outcome is. Do they want to build a stronger audience or are they looking to bring in a higher net profit? The answer to those questions is key to understanding how you’ll want the company’s brand to influence the market. As an example, if a company wants more sales you can create a sale where customers will be more enticed to buy their products at a discount, thus boosting net profit.

5. Knowing Online Advertising

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of wanting to be a specialist in your field, but make sure that you’re learning the fundamentals before anything else. You should have a strong understanding of advertising platforms including Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Once you know how you can build the perfect advertising campaigns will help you to get them out into the public eye.

6. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the main ways that your clients are going to gather sales is by people visiting their website through search engines. Search engine optimization is key to making sure your client’s website is one of the first few hyperlinks available on a search engine result page when a potential customer will search for a targeted keyword. The best part about mastering SEO is that it’s entirely free to use.

7. Creating Viral and Shareable Content

Take a moment to think about all of the best social media posts you’ve seen on the internet and the amount of shares they received. Creating a viral and shareable marketing campaign is a sure fire way to attract more customers than you could ever imagine and for little to no cost. You’ll also be generating a successful backlink that you can use for building other SEO campaigns for your client.

8. Understanding Social Media

Much like understanding SEO, learning the ins and outs of social media is essential if you want to create a successful social media page for your clients. With millions of users logging into social media platforms daily, it’s necessary for brands to consider how they can harness the power of a free advertising platform such as Facebook or Twitter. One example would be learning how you could create an innovative Instagram bio.

9. Focusing on the Long-Term

Unless you’re able to create a marketing campaign, which is a viral sensation, you’re going to need to keep yourself and your client focused on the long-term benefits of your marketing plan. It can be challenging to not only develop successful marketing plans but to even get clients to work for in the first place. Make sure that you pay special attention to the KPIs to determine whether a particular campaign will offer long-term benefits.

10. Constantly Developing Digital Marketing Skills

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and as one of the many digital marketing consultants in the world, you’ll need to know the latest tips and tricks for improving your client’s brand awareness. You might want to consider following influential online marketers and taking their advice to heart as it can help you to develop into a more well-rounded professional.

11. Learning New Technologies

Similar to keeping up with the latest trends in online marketing, take the time to review new technologies that emerge in the market as they can offer a variety of new ways for you to advertise. As an example, imagine being an online marketer before the development of smartphones. Digital marketing consultants are responsible for knowing what the next big marketing tool is and taking advantage of it from the start.

12. Developing Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Above all, it’s imperative that you develop a strong foundation for your verbal and written communication skills. You’ll need to be able to develop content that is equally as striking when read aloud as it is written. Also, there’s no harm in knowing exactly how to discuss your future marketing plans with your clients in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Becoming a successful digital marketing consultant is simple as long as you’re willing to spend the time developing your set of skills. You can also rely on the help of online marketing tools such as $99 Social to build an arsenal that will create the most innovative, creative, and fresh marketing campaigns possible.

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