10 Most Valuable Social Media Management Tips for Your New Business

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Over the years, I have seen new business owners struggle to manage their social media account. This struggle does not end at social media management. It goes on and affects the boom and growth of their businesses. Although many business owners are still unaware of the fact that social media management struggles highly affect the performance of their business, the truth remains that it does.

The reason is this, most potential clients are online, if you can't meet and win them online, and you just might never do anywhere else. In addition, social media offers the largest platform for adverts and showcasing your products. It gives your business all these benefits at a relatively cheap price. The many benefits of social media are the basic reasons why leading brands do not joke with social media management.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is simply all the activities that go into managing the online presence of a person, group or organization. It is a vital part of business growth.

That defined, in this article, I will show you 10 important social media management tips that will prove valuable for your business growth.

Here they come!

1. Have An Effective Plan

This first social media management tip should not be taken for granted. It is one of the first stages in any effective social media management. Think about the first time you played a game of chess, you wanted to win. Of course, everybody wants to win but I guess you lost. There are many reasons you lost.

However, one reason stands out. That reason was your lack of a plan; you just dived in. The same applies to social media management. When you lack a plan, you are already planning to fail.

If you must be successful with managing your social media accounts a plan must be put in place. Your social media management plan should address what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and the timeframe for achieving it.

2. Focus On Your Target Market

Successful social media management calls for focus. Every business, new or old has a target audience. Just as the case is in business, when managing your social media platforms, you should have a target audience. The group of people you choose to focus on is dependent on what kind of service your business offers. When you’ve identified your target market, every single post by your business should focus on your target market.

If your business offers services to the elites in the society, then you should focus on this group of people. As a result of this, your page invites and tags should be targeted towards this set of people.

3. Quality vs. Quantity

If a survey of quality against quantity is carried out, there is a 70% chance that most prospective customers will choose quality over quantity. Established businesses do not necessarily have the need to make regular posts on social media.

In contrast, new businesses are always posting. Such frequent posts sometimes lack quality. It is quite normal for new business owners to flood their social media accounts with posts. This is usually done to ensure the presence of ample contents on their accounts.

While doing this, many new businesses tend to opt for quantity ahead of quality. This however is a wrong move. Regular posts that are lacking in quality could become repulsive to prospective clients. If you must post regularly, it’s best to ensure your posts are not lacking in quality.

4. Use Tools for Social Media Management

As a new business making use of social media, the right social media management tools are needed to enjoy quality traffic. Social media management tools make social media management much easier than they would be without one. Some of the most used social media management tools are Hootsuite and Buffer. Here’s a brief description of the benefit these tools offer:

  • Hootsuite

Hoot suite is the most widely used social media management tool. It can be used to control your social media accounts from one platform. It can also be used to manage more than one social media account at the same time while maintaining effective conversation tracking

  • Buffer

Buffer is very efficient at maintaining schedules. It is an app that can be used to monitor how far your post gets and its level of engagement.

5. Repurposed Content

Repurposed contents are otherwise known as refurbished contents. This is the process of bringing back old and quality posts. Repurposed contents are important because they help you get your posts to those that missed them when they were posted originally.

Repurposed contents can be created in the following ways:

  • Making an e-book out of your old posts
  • Convert your outdated posts into online courses
  • You can also repost your old information in a new form by adding extra information to it.

So instead of spending time trying to craft new content that your audience may like, why not repurpose your old content that have been tried and tested.

6. Outsource Social Media Accounts

Outsourcing is another great way a new business can efficiently manage its social media accounts. Outsourcing is the process of giving out jobs in form of contracts. This is done for reasons such as lack of skill and man power, lack of available time and also lack of funds.

In the case of outsourcing social media management of your business, this is usually done to allow for proper growth of the business. It also gives new business owners the freedom to focus on the core of their businesses. However, make sure you’re outsourcing to a tested and proven social media management expert.

7. Curate Information

This social media management tip is one of the most valuable.To continuously engage your prospective clients on social media, you will need to constantly make posts. This can however be very challenging as social media managers for new businesses might be busy with other activities.

Don’t worry; the inability to always make posts is experienced by lots of social media managers. The answer to this challenge is content curation!

Content curation is the process of sharing content posted by other brands in the same niche. This helps you keep your audience engaged while you prepare quality contents that promote your own brand.

8. Schedule Content

As a new business, scheduling your social media posts is the way to go. This goes a long way in keeping you organized. We all know feedback is very necessary for effective social media management. As a result of this, scheduling of content should be taken very seriously. This is because content scheduling gives you the time you need reply to comments on your existing posts.

9. Take Analytics Seriously

Social media analytics involves the extraction of information and facts from social media data. These data are usually unstructured and unorganized. Analytics should be taken seriously because it helps you make quality decisions concerning your business. When attention is paid to analytics, you can always determine the impact of your social media activity on your business growth.

10. Do the Work Once

Making use of certain social media management tools can help you save a lot of time and energy. With a great social media management tool, "one stone can be used to kill many birds". I’ve addressed a couple of social media management tools earlier in this post. However, I’m bringing this up again because of how much these tools help in getting social media work done fast and effectively.

A tool like Likeable hub is another great social media management tool that enables you to share a post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one point all at once. So instead of working on multiple accounts, you can do the work once for all your social media pages.

As a new business owner these 10 social media management tips are invaluable. With these tips, you’re sure to acquire strong followership on social media. This will subsequently lead to massive growth in your business.

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