10 Valuable Facebook Advertising Tips For Small Businesses

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In the field of online advertising, you get exposed to tons of social media activities by various companies. Added to hands-on marketing experience, I have acquired marketing ideas that would be valuable to small businesses in their quest to promote their products or services through social media strategies.

This article will use suggestions derived from a few massage therapy enterprises. The businesses are quite intriguing in the sense that they are client focused and require SEO and a robust web presence.  These ventures need to attain localized marketing to get consumers to go to a particular location to access massage services.

All this happens with a competitive aspect because marketing can’t be done in a vacuum and without knowing what your competitors are up to and how well they are doing. For instance, you may deem your venture to be performing well with say 1,500 fans, until you discover your competitor has 6,000 or more Facebook fans. In light of this, we will have come up with a few Facebook advertising tips for small businesses that if adhered to, can see your company catch up or beat its competitors.

1. Decide The Social Media Network You Will Focus On

While being on social media is imperative, for most businesses, it would be almost impossible to be on all social media platforms concurrently. Thus, you need to assess where the majority of your customers and potential customers are, as well as your rivals.

Currently, Facebook is leading all social platforms for business-to-consumer marketing.

The above social channel matrix reveals that the majority of the massage companies run several networks. However, delving into the nitty-gritty, regarding potential reach and number of fans, it’s apparent that Facebook remains, without doubt, the priority and the basis.

Accordingly, as you prepare to launch your massage business, it’s clear from the competitor evaluation that Facebook should be your priority, followed by Twitter.

2. Enhance Your Profile On The Platform

It’s fascinating how numerous companies create a profile or page and fail to optimize their presence. Developing your profile is perhaps the most crucial facebook advertising ideas we can share.

On Facebook, for instance, you can provide lots of details on your page. You can access this via Page info and Settings. To begin, optimize your description by using the highest number of characters permitted.

Note: up to 154 characters are allowed in the basic description which is the first thing viewers to your page will read, also it aids in driving search results on Facebook.

Utilize this section to tell the world who exactly you are as well as what you do. If we were MassageLuxe, we’d revise the description on Facebook.

3. Broadcast Your Brand Personality

While you may have an online presence, similar to your competitors, you should stand out by doing a couple of things differently. Communicating your brand personality is among the top Facebook advertising tips for small businesses that can impact sales in a big way.

Airing your brand persona entails being clear on the particular value that you are bringing to your clients and target market. This could be – increased convenience, wider variety, lower prices, higher quality, etc. Your brand may come out as humorous, silly, helpful, encouraging or serious. Whatever it may be, communicate it regularly in your Facebook posts.

Let’s review some of the posts written by the massage service providers to determine the various personalities of the companies.

Right away you notice that “Hands and Stone” come out as a friendly brand. Some of their posts include; ‘we can help.’

Massage Heights come out as fun, motivational and lively with posts such as ‘some morning motivation’ and ‘cute gifts’ for an awesome day.

Consistency in your voice is vital. Your voice should be peculiar from that of your competitors, so your followers can always look forward to your posts.

4. Establish A Large And Active Fan Base

Obviously, you need a support of fans, likes, and followers. Often, there’s an overemphasis on the number of followers. However, it’s more important to have a quality fan base that would use your product(s) or service, engage you on social media and your business and share your news.

There’s no right number of followers. Say you have a mailing list of 400 or 1,200 people, employ the Facebook tool to ask those people to follow you on Facebook.

5. Create Engaging Content

You need to be cautious on the hype behind the number of likes because it doesn’t reveal whether your followers are engaged or active with you. Getting people to like or follow your page is a good start; nonetheless, behavior that translated to profits involves engagement.

Are you followers liking your posts or sharing your content or using the coupons you promote on Facebook? To demonstrate this point, let’s look at our massage market outlook.

Massage Envy leads regarding pure follower numbers. Not surprising considering it’s a national brand. But, a report on total engagement gives a different outlook. Massage Envy doesn’t engage its audience despite its broad audience.

Content analytics is helpful in revealing the kind of posts that drive the most engagements – links, status posts, photos – and the day of the week when engagements were highest.

6. Assess What Works And What Doesn’t

Similar to other aspects of business and marketing, you must have set goals for social media marketing and routinely measure performance and fine-tune appropriately. It’s okay to have metrics pertaining audience and activity, more so if you are aiming to grow your activity level or fan base. However, ensure you measure engagement and how it drives business growth.

7. Incorporate Social Media With Other Marketing Media

Marketing has become more complex and data-driven more than ever. As a result, it has become vital to employ integrated marketing plans. Meaning that your social media must collaborate with other marketing strategies such as email marketing, couponing and beyond.

Your marketing channels should coalesce to provide a brand image and target client relevance.

The same applies to your SEO. Work towards understanding the keywords that drive traffic to your website and use them all over your marketing on social media, blogs, online advertising and press releases.

8. Humanize Your Brand

Facebook is about people. The initial idea of Facebook was to facilitate interactions with friends and not advertisements, but marketers forget this. Pushing product related images exclusively can only take you so far. Show the personnel behind the brand to make it easier for your audience to connect with your message.

9. Only Spend On Promoting Your Top Content

You’re odds-on reporting monthly, quarterly to see the content that resonated the most with your audience in matters regarding shares, comments, page views and other engagement figures. With such knowledge, you should determine where to direct your promotion budget.

Backup your leading content to give it more exposure.

10. Include Emojis In Your Facebook Posts

Mark Irvine, WorldStream’s esteemed data scientist, revealed that ads containing emojis got significantly higher clicks than ads without emojis. Sadly, Google caught on and barred emojis from Adwords as text. They are perhaps one of the most underrated facebook advertising tips for small businesses you’ll find.

Emojis are used to express feelings more accurately as compared to words, and this perhaps explains why 92% of people online use them, as per Adweek. Emojis are like babies and dogs; people just love them.



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