10 Essential Tips to Becoming a Top Social Media Company

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Every day millions of people log onto their social media account to find out what’s going on. This doesn’t just apply to their friends and family but also the things and places that interest them. This includes their favorite companies and products, and the savvy business mind knows to take advantage of this audience as much as they can. Studies show that recent social media campaigns from businesses have made a huge impact on their customers. Here's 10 ideas we've gathered from the best companies on what led to their social media success.

1. Show Your Charitable Side And Get People Involved

With so many companies getting a bad reputation for penny pinching or lack of compassion, it really makes a difference when a company helps someone in need, especially when it gets their customers involved. A prime example of this is the company Toms, who is widely known for giving a free pair of shoes away to a person in need for every pair bought by a customer. Now they have increased their generosity even more by broadening their charitable contributions to include restoring people's vision, bullying prevention, safe childbirth and clean drinking water, to name a few. A great way to show how your company benefits a charity or its community is to make a video. When the video of the CEO of Toms distributing shoes was put on social media through Youtube it exploded across all social media platforms, and as a result made more people want to contribute by purchasing from the company. A top social media company can help you find which charity your company would best align with, create a video or charitable campaign and find the best social media to launch it through.

2. Try Different Social Media Platforms

Not every social media will do the same things for your business, as it will for others. The best social media company for your brand will know this and also will know which social media to use going forward. You wouldn’t go to a Youtube page to look at the merchandise from a clothing brand, would you? No, you would go to Pinterest and look at all the pictures, both professionally taken and the photos taken by customers, in order to get a better idea of what they offer and if it would fit with your style. The same goes with other products, like recording equipment. In this case the best social media to choose would be Youtube to demonstrate how to use the product and how good the quality is. While these are the best social medias for these products, top social media companies also know that you could make a Youtube video or Pinterest board and share it through social medias like Facebook or Twitter, furthering your audience to even more people.

Top Social Media Company

3. Know Which Ones To Drop And Which To Keep

Social media can be a tricky thing. On one platform you might be one of the most popular topics and on another you are barely relevant, as mentioned above. The trick that all the top social media companies know is when to just cut ties and focus on what is bringing you the most attention and revenue. This is where research comes in, doing surveys to find out how people found out about your company and checking the statistics on how popular it is on which social media. Here is a helpful article to help you decide. This enables you to focus your energy on the media that will bring you the most money, and at the end of the day that is what is really the most important to your company.

4. Make Your Customers Feel Important

Everyone wants to know that they are important and until recently it took a lot of time and money for companies to accomplish that for their customers. Now companies can simply go online and with a click of a button they can reach millions of people and let them know that they are thinking of them and still care. An example of this would be if a person needed an item desperately for a trip but it was supposed to be shipped later than expected. The customer could reach out to the company, explaining the story and to see if they could help them. The best social media companies know that this isn’t an inconvenience, but a gift. They know that reaching out to the customer and telling her that they would send the item first class and include other items that would be beneficial to their hiking trip. Promoting this through Facebook and other social medias would show customers that they care about their happiness and will go out of their way to accomplish that. All it takes is a few dollars and a great social media company to show a new side to your company that people didn’t see before.

5. Give Perks To Customers That Follow You

Many companies like to give their loyal followers on Facebook and Twitter an edge over less committed customers who don’t follow them. The best social media companies know that this is a huge incentive for many consumers, whether they’re interested in the product or not, and will boost sales when a facebook status pops up announcing a huge sale. A prime example of this is with megastore Target. Social media agencies know that this is one of their busiest times, Back to School, and that Target will have huge sales. They know that they can’t do a different commercial every time they have a sale, so they post about them on social media so their subscribed customers can see them and get the sale while it’s hot. This benefits Target because they are able to alert customers about their sale as well as giving subscribed customers preference over others.

6. Have Your Employees Be Your Social Media Ambassadors

One way to really get the public involved with your company is to show the more personal side through your employees. Your employees are the people that are the backbone of your company, they are the driving force and many of your customers are, in some way themselves, the driving force behind their own company. Using your employees to promote a product or your company is a great idea because it also shows that they enjoy their work. A great social media company knows fun and exciting ways a company can use its employees to reach their audience through social media. One company that you know has an amazing social media team did just this. That company is none other than Google. Google recently came out with a new app that translated written words from many different languages into your own chosen language. Google realized they could show their playful side as well as how much fun it is to work for their company by using their employees. They made a very funny and informative video of their employees using the app while holding up cards that translated the song “La Bamba” playing in the background. This single post was uploaded to Youtube and shared on Google’s Twitter, Facebook and as many other social medias as you can think of. It’s Google, they’ve got all the social medias on file, which in turn promoted a huge interest in the product and made it one of the most talked about apps ever. All from a single video, made in the spare time by a few employees.

7. Involve Your Customers

A great way to get customers personally invested in a brand is to involve them in the behind the scenes of the company. This shows another side to the company and makes it more approachable and likable, and being likable doesn’t hurt. A company that did just that is the newly created active wear brand Fablietics. The brand’s co-founder and spokesmodel is none other than Kate Hudson, she is in all of the ads, designs the cloths and does all of the press for the label. So basically everything. Since Fabletics has such a huge celebrity representing their brand they realized they could have a golden opportunity on their hands. The public actually knows the spokesperson and has a personal interest in her personal life outside of the campaign. So Fabletics took their Facebook subscribers, and anyone else who happened to come across the video online, a peek into the day of filming with Kate Hudson. This gave viewers more of a close and personal connection. A top social media company would be able to recognise this as a golden opportunity to create a close bond with their customers.

8. Cool Custom Graphics To Intrigue Them

While it must be nice to have a celebrity endorsement to do cool videos, some other companies just don’t have the budget for it. The best social media company for your brand will know your budget and be able to work around that. One way to do this is with graphics. You can do so much with a computer and a graphic designer. You can make an interactive video, you could make a comedic video or even a cartoon showing your customers enjoying your product. The possibilities are unlimited, so why not take advantage of it. An example of how graphics can elevate your products advertising is with Chips Ahoy! They decided to think outside the box and make a video where they saw life from the side of one of their delicious cookies, in a comedic sense, take a look.

9. Use Uncommon Means Of Social Media To Set Your Company Apart

Many companies these days are using social media to advertise for their company. They typically choose the most common ones, which are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While these are the most common social medias for advertising they are not the only ones. Top social media companies know that they can put their companies ahead of others by simple taking the road less taken. Two social medias that are significantly less used for advertising are Snapchat and Instagram. Well, Snapchat more than Instagram, but they’re still nothing compared to Facebook and Youtube. Instagram has been allowing everyday people (or as they now are Instagram Stars) to make a living by advertising a company's product that aligns with their Instagram theme. A great example of this is Loki the Wolfdog, a wolfdog hybrid that lives in Colorado and spends all its free time camping, playing and running down ski slopes after his owner. The company that they are advertising for is none other than GoPro, the action video company that creates durable cameras for such adventurers as Loki. The best way to advertise something is to show it being used and that is exactly why they hired Loki. Check out this amazing video they created using a GoPro and how it perfectly advertises the product through Instagram. There are dozens of these on their account that, with a click of a button, you can view 30-second clips of the cool adventure they have captured using a GoPro. The same platform can be used with Snapchat, showing little 30-second clips or pictures of something cool your company is doing to intrigue your audience. The possibilities are endless.

10. Don’t Take It Too Seriously. Have Some Fun With Your Posts!

One thing that all of the previous points have in common, are that you really need to just have fun with it. Whether you hire top social media companies or you just do it yourself, you really need to have a great time. Your viewers will notice if you’re having fun or not and it will affect how they feel about your company and product. It is a trait that every company listed has in common. From Google making a music video to show off their translator to Kate Hudson behind the scenes and ending with Loki the Wolfdog playing in the snow. They are all having a great time, and you want your customers to associate your company and your brand with having fun. At the end of the day that is really what resonates the most with the public and it makes your job a lot easier, too.

These are the 10 top criteria to create a successful social media presence for your company. Give them a try and see which ones work best for your company and brand. Not every idea will be perfect for your company so it’s important to contact only the best for you and let them know what you’d like to do and also hear some of their ideas. Don’t forget to include some of your company’s employees too; you never know where inspiration might strike for your next big idea.

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Its a brilliant article for a social media newbie like me. I really appreciate all the tips mentioned in this article. According to your point no. 2 people should try different social media platforms.
Well, I use sociota just because it’s the first one I tried and I’ve never had a reason to switch.

This information is very useful… thanks for sharing…

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