10 Tools To Become A Successful Social Media Management Reseller

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The social media management reselling niche is a hot business niche in the social media industry today. This business niche is making many diligent entrepreneurs smile to the bank. The social media management resell business also known as the social media management white label business is one of the best ways to start off a social media management agency with little resources.

With the right social media management pricing structure, you can start off your agency, offer more to your customers and still have reasonably high returns on investments. As with every article I write in the social media management reselling niche, I often state what social media management reselling is all about.

What is Social Media Management Reselling all about?

Social media management reselling is a business model wherein a company purchases the social media management services of an already established social media management company (known as the host or merchant) for the purpose of selling these services to other businesses for a profit.

Benefits of Social Media Management Reselling

· Easy market entry

· Existing customer base

· Additional revenue for existing businesses

· Increased profit

· Affordable start-up costs

· Easy to manage

· Already tested and established market

Anyone can decide to become a social media management reseller. However, not everyone end up as a successful social media management reseller. The reason for this is that social media management reselling business requires more smart work than hard work.

You don’t have to spend countless hours in front of a PC to become a successful social media management reseller. Nowadays, all you need are the right tools to start seeing high returns on your investments. There are tons of social media management reselling tools that make it easy for you to build a multi-million dollar social media management agency.

Using social media management reselling tools means you can totally skip spending your time and resources on hours of list building, sending emails and trying to convince businesses to buy from you. In this article, I’ll show you 10 great tools that will not just save you money and time, but will also help you become a very successful social media management reseller.

Here they are!

10 Tools for Successful Social Media Management Reselling

1. WordPress

It’s really not news anymore that one of the greatest tools for doing business successfully online is a website. WordPress is currently the top tool for building and managing a website. WordPress is also great because of its flexibility and ease of use. The first step to becoming a successful social media management reseller is getting a WordPress website and designing it to reflect exactly what you’re offering.

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2. Moz Open Site Explorer

Given how important a website is to the success of your business as a social media management reseller, Moz Open Site Explorer is a really handy tool when it comes to ensuring that your website is always at its best performance.

Moz Open Site Explorer is an indexing tool which allows you to explore back links, carry out competitive link research, analyze anchor text and much more. The Open Site Explorer is basically going to be your website doctor.

The metric it provides will help you improve your site, domain authority, SEO and pages. The higher the authority and general SEO of your domain or page, the more likely you are to show up when people search for the term“social media management company”. This will eventually translate to more visibility and customers.

3. Mailchimp

Email marketing is a vital part of effective social media management reselling business. Email marketing offers huge benefits to any social media management reseller including marketing automation, product testing, creating awareness and scheduling emails to lots of people. Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools that is extremely easy to use. With MailChimp you can reach both existing and prospective customers with ease.

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4. Facebook

Social media today is almost as important as a business itself. Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world today with over 1 billion active users. Facebook offers loads of benefits that will help you grow your social media management reseller business in not time. With Facebook, you can build a professional social media page for your business and share interesting content about your business on your page. One other great benefit Facebook offers is cheap advertising. With just a few hundreds of dollars, you can get your social media management business right in front of thousands of your target audience!

5. Autoresponder

Great communication is a vital ingredient for business success. Autoresponder tools are basically programs that automatically generate predetermined response to email queries. Autoresponder tools are great for managing communication with existing and potential customers via email.

6. Hootsuite

One vital act you should know is that even a social media management company needs to manage its social media management activities. Being a social media management reseller doesn’t make social media management any less easier. You still have to commit lots of time and energy to make it work for your business.

However, with social media management tools like Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social media platforms all from one interface. Hootsuite is a great social media management tools that helps you keep your social media pages updated and best off all, engage in great customer service across various over thirty social media platforms.

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7. Canva

Visuals are a huge part of doing business successfully in the digital age. Canva is basically one of the most beneficial tools anyone in the internet business can find around. Canva is a great graphics design for the non-techie business person. With Canva, you can design beautiful and professional marketing materials, business logos, presentations, email content, social media graphics, infographics and much more! Canva comes with easy to use features that will help you create highly engaging content for your audience.

8. Intercom Acquire

Intercom Acquire is one more communication tool that will help you become a successful social media management reseller. Intercom Acquire is a live chat tool that lets you communicate with visitors on your website in real time. Intercom Acquire is basically an autoresponder for websites. With Intercom Acquire, you can help visitors to your website understand your services by answering any questions they have. This makes it a great tool for converting visitors to your website into paying customers.

9. Contact Form 7

If you’ve visited any websites lately, it’s possible you’ve come across a few that automatically generate a “sign up” form few seconds after you visit their site. One of the best ways to get the contacts of your target audience is through using contact plugins on your WordPress site. A plugin like Contact form 7 is being used by millions of people all around the world to get the contact information of people who are interested in their niche. With access to the contact of your target audience, you can basically sell them your services by updating them on your business offers.

10. Slack

Here’s one more communication tool that is vital to the success of your business as a social media management reseller. However, this tool is more about strengthening the internal communication of your business. Slack is a messaging and productivity app that makes messaging between co-workers easy. With Slack you can organize your team, share private information and send direct messages to your co-workers.

With these tools, becoming a successful social media management reseller would be a whole lot easier. There are also several other tools that can help you become a better social media management reseller, however, you can only discover these tools by keeping up with the ever dynamic nature of technology today.

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