The 10 Secrets About Social Media Communication Only Few People Know

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A thriving social media platform is everything to a business. A successful social media page doesn’t just command engagement; it also guarantees more clients and subsequently, profitability. Having a solid social media platform however, is something that can only be achieved with great social media communication.

Social media communication basically has to do with all a brand does on social media to reach its target audience. Unlike popular opinion, social media communication doesn’t just start at the point a company uploads content to its platform. Social media communication entails much more than that.

Social media communication encompasses all activities on a brand’s social media page from the brand’s image to the content it shares with its audience. It is vital to note that social media communication is a two way street that involves both the activities of the brand and its audience.

Creating effective social media communication can sometimes prove to be rocket science for some business owners. This is probably because they’re unaware of the factors that make social media communication work. In this article, I’ll be sharing some highly beneficial secrets that you can use to make social media communication work for your brand. I call them secrets because many people still show they don’t know about these factors by the way they run their social media communication.

Less talk, check them out!

1. Planning For Success

When it comes to social media communication, you have to plan for success. Even prior to creating your social media pages, you should create a plan to successfully communicate with your audience. To achieve this communication success plan, you have to take time to study your audience, get to know them well enough to establish a communication plan that gets them talking.

2. Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a vital aspect of your social media communication. I sometimes want to scream when I see brands set up social media pages with incomplete profiles, tacky images or even images that are a far cry from what their brand represents. You should know that every word and image on your social media profiles matter. Each text and image should clearly communicate what your brand stands for.

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3. Daily Updates Are Everything

Setting up a social media page on virtually every social media platform for your brand isn’t enough. You have to update these platforms. Daily updates are what ensure that your audience isn’t just a passive audience. In fact, it’s better to have 100 active followers than 100,000 inactive followers. Daily update is everything on social media which is why I often advice brands to get a social media manager if they can’t handle these platforms themselves.

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4. Value Births Engagement

This one isn’t just a secret; it’s a rule of social media in general. If you want to see your audience come alive, giving them daily updates isn’t enough. These updates have to offer them some form of value. So when next you’re thinking of posting content on any of your social media pages, you have to ask yourself “what value am I offering to my audience?”

5. The Audience Shout out

The people on social media are human beings just like you. They have their fears, needs, achievements and all. If you’re going to be successful at social media communication, then you should view the number of followers on each social media page as not just stats but human beings and treat them as such. Shout out to them, acknowledge them, celebrate them and when you can afford it, reward their dedication to your brand.

6. Big Data Holds Treasures

Saying that big data is vital for an effective social media communication is nothing short of an understatement. Big data is highly essential to informing your social media communication strategy. Big data helps you see trends and patterns that show the behavior of the audience on your social media platform. Big data also gives you actionable insights that you can leverage on or better social media communication.

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7. Comments Matter

If you’ve been online long enough to leave comments on posts you find interesting, I bet you know the excitement that comes with letting the author of an article know what you think about either their post or their brand. Usually people express their heartfelt views and opinions through these comments. Any brand looking to have a thriving social media communication must pay attention to the comments left by its audience. Remember that I mentioned that social media communication is a two way street. Pay attention to what your audience is saying and use it to improve on your offerings as a brand.

8. Hashtags Improve Communication

At first hashtags were just for Twitter…not anymore. Hashtags are basically the sign language of the social media community. The benefits of hashtags for social media communication are enormous. That little sign helps increase reach and build conversation by creating a sort of map through which your audience can find specific content on social media. Using trending hashtags help users to learn more about a topic on your platform.

9. Good Visuals Is Everything

Visual communication which is one of the earliest method of communication used by humans still prevails in the digital age. You remember the first secret about content being king? Well visuals is queen. Visuals here refer to image, infographic and video. When it comes to creating communication that engages on social media, good visuals is everything. Visuals help your audience to connect more with your brand than text. Visuals can help your audience understand messages in a relatively short time. Be sure to use visuals that are very clear with effective use of lightning, sound and colors.

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10. Tools Make It Easy

Social media can quickly turn to rocket science if you don’t know the right tools to use. You need tools to effectively manage multiple social media pages. Social media tools also go a long way to in helping you carry out social media management activities. The benefits of social media tools for social media communication are simply massive; from monitoring brand mentions to getting relevant keywords for connecting with your audience.

The secrets I addressed in this article aren’t just borne out of thin air. These secrets have been used very openly by top social media companies, social media marketing agencies and even top social media marketing companies. You can take advantage of these social media communication secrets to build and implement a social media communication strategy that will leave your completion stunned.

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