10 Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies Pros Use

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There is so much that one can do on the internet to promote their business. For a real estate agent, the internet presents unlimited opportunities to appeal to the perfect buyer and sell a lot more properties than pre-broadband agencies thought possible. You wouldn’t be to blame if all the trends, websites, and apps that make up the internet don’t make it all too clear how you can improve your real estate business’ chances of success – it does take some strategy to make all the 1s and 0s work to your advantage.

Unlike retail brand efforts, real estate agent marketing requires focused and deliberate attempts from the get go, so much that it’s easy to miss the spot. As such, most agents leave the toil in the hands of specialized marketing services providers such as 99 Dollar Social. However, we’ll let you in on a few actionable strategies that have proved effective in placing real estate agents in front of the right audience.

1. You'll Need A Great Website

The centre of all your efforts, and probably the only real estate online marketing platform you will reserve control over compared to third party elements. A great website tells potential clients how serious you take your practice, as such it could be enough to deter the most promising client from signing those papers.

While the urge to design and develop this part on your own can be likened to an itch hard to ignore, you’re better off letting a pro do this. Not even when there is no coding needed. It is easy to miss critical components that make a website an effective conversion pot, something that web developers have honed as much as you consider yourself a real estate expert.

2. Create A Virtual Trip Of Your Property

While your website is being designed, you can keep yourself productive by carrying out tasks that tip you to the edge of real estate technology – go virtual reality on the game! There are plenty of tools that can turn an open house into a 3D tour for those potentials too busy to drive for a physical walk through.

Not only will you get the higher conversion rates from the website when integrated with virtual tours, but you also look like a better real estate agent compared to your competition still depending on nothing but word of mouth and other guerrilla strategies.

3. Switch To Video

Virtual tours are just a piece of the puzzle; nowadays everyone prefers consuming information using through the most passive of mediums – video. Showing a house and need a long list of hopefuls lining up to see? Then you’ve got to make use of that video camera. Yes, your smartphone will do.

Create short, easy to consume videos of killer features of your property and spread them social media. A lot of people limit themselves on this part due to the mistake of trying to look and sound perfect on every video, trying to match music videos and other polished works. The trick here is to document, rather than build a video production business. Focus on the gems – the balcony views, curb appeal, and make viewers fear how much they’re missing out by living elsewhere other than your open houses.

4. Create Content Around Your Work

Together with the videos, you can cash in on your calling population’s thirst for information by creating read-worthy content around your work. You can etch your mark as a guru by providing valuable knowledge often sought by buyers online. Try going to Quora and see what people looking to buy are asking, then provide thoughtful and helpful advice. It doesn’t pay you right away, but the credit you grow through carefully positioned pieces of content could just as well be the difference your efforts need along the road.

5. Retarget

Once you have videos and content laced all over the internet, including on your website, expect traffic. While very therapeutic, knowing that your website is getting thousands of visitors every month is just not enough. Be sure to implement retargeting on your site so that you bring banners to convince previous visitors to return and get discounts and more from your business.

There are several options you could go with, Adroll makes it easy for you to advertise to high probability traffic through partner networks. You might have noticed banners from websites you previously visited following you as you surf the internet; that is retargeting, and almost always results in return traffic ready to sign up and surrender their information for you to follow up with a proposal. You need that.

6. Lay Your Traps - Landing Pages

With time, your efforts get more complicated, and you will need ways to account for traffic, measure, and re-calibrate to make your efforts more efficient. Landing pages for each property will avail you with more control and access into how much each real estate agent marketing activity is bringing back.

You can use landing pages to tighten your marketing strategy when someone shows interest in your work. You can collect information, initiate a Skype meeting or even have them call you directly to set a physical meeting. Landing pages are effectively your sales representatives working night and day to tip visitors onto the customer list.

7. Influencer Marketing

You may have noticed how certain individuals seem to just have more of a grip on the entire internet marketing game, particularly bloggers. Buy a Fiverr to expedite the process of finding and approaching influential bloggers and socialites in your niche for promotional partnerships. Placing your open houses in the path of a hundred thousand potential buyers does sound exactly like it is. Like you’ve just found the map to the end of the rainbow. Through influential marketing, you leverage on all the hard work previously done and how much attention the blogger commands; a feat that’d easily take no less than five years of consistent growth efforts.

8. Optimize For Search Engine Visibility

This one goes back to your website. Keeping in mind how most people will discover you on the internet if you’ve done a great job (though organic searching), you need to make your luck something of a likely occurrence. Be sure to do a keyword search and have your website appearing on page 1 when these terms are run through a search engine. You can hack this part by sponsoring search visibility.

Real estate agent marketing online often needs you to sponsor your luck. Google has Adwords, which allows you to rank high when someone searches for business terms in your niche. It really is worth looking into. Along with this point, a Google business profile too will do wonders attracting local search results to your various landing pages.

9. Build Offline Muscle

With these strategies attracting, showing audiences what you’re selling and convincing them that you’re the best way forward, you still need to keep your feet on the ground in the real world. When you attend events with business cards, you now have online assets to refer hopeful clients with confidence that your marketing funnel kicks into play. There is no point having gone through all that and not standing on your two feet to make substantial claims that bring people to your team.

Make sure your brochures and supporting stationery complement your website and other web-based assets. While your real estate online marketing game should be good to get you ahead, the real work happens on the ground, a realm that requires equal attention as well.

10. Follow Up And Build A Review Profile

Your real estate agent marketing is only as good as your captured clients say, and the more people talk about you, the better your chances of hitting a home run. After a few weeks of real estate social media marketing from scratch with the help of professional services, you should have a few followers, and hopefully, some open house sessions take place. The trick is then to make sure you get reviews to help other followers to get in touch with you.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when looking at everything you can do in the name of real estate agent marketing.

However, when diligently followed up on, you can be sure to perform like an athlete on steroids compared to your competition rigidly running around with business cards and brochures. Compared to them, you will have started running your real estate business like a pro.


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Heather Hart

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