10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Social Media Consultants

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As a business owner, I am especially interested in seeing my businesses not just grow but thrive. I often operate with the ideology that any business can be successful if the right strategies and people are involved.

The need to involve the right people in my business has led me to explore the world of consultancy. I have dealt with several consultants in various fields over the years. These consultants have been responsible for giving me great business advice. They’ve also helped me develop mind-blowing business strategies over the years.

Of all the types of business consultants, I’ve dealt with, I found social media consultants to be quite interesting. In fact I find social media consultancy as a whole very intriguing. I can only describe social media consultants as ever moving trains. Social media consultants are experts in their field who know the art and science of commanding an audience online. Despite the fact that social media consultant rates are sometimes intimidating, these guys offer very great business insights!

In this article, I’d be sharing some of the best lessons I’ve learned from working with social media consultants over the years. These tips would prove very helpful for any business owner who wants to do exploits on social media.

Here they are!

1. Content Is King

This one tops the list for me because I’ve heard it over and over again from virtually all social media consultants I’ve ever come across. When it comes to succeeding at social media, content is key. However, there’s a catch. Content that rules on social media isn’t just any type of content, it must offer great value. So if you’re going to have a content that rules work, more on the quality and value than on the number of words.

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2. Social Media Is Both Hard And Smart Work

Many amateurs think that social media is all about uploading as many posts as possible but consultants think otherwise. Social media consultants over the years have advised me to focus more on creating a strategy that works than on uploading posts every day of the week; that is the ultimate combination of hard and smart work.

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3. Value Equals Clients

This lesson has guided me quite successfully in my own business; in fact, I always have it at the back of my mind. This lesson is simply what it is; value equals client. The amount of value you offer to people through your social media platforms is equal to the clients you’d eventually get from these platforms. Check out social media pages with the largest following – these guys offer value to their followers in form of information, education or entertainment.

4. Knowing Your Audience Is Key

I had one social media consultant who was always going on and on about how your audience matters. You know what? He’s right! Your audience matters a lot which is why you must take your time to study who they are. Go beyond looking at your followers as just statistics on your social media pages to looking at them as real human beings with needs. That way, you’d be able to connect with them easily.

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5. Project Your Voice

Social media is all about who makes the loudest valuable sound. There’s nothing like introversion on social media. You must project your voice through the content you share and the value you offer to people. Be sure you share your project your voice on social media through sharing your experience.

6. Get Your Audience Talking

It’s not enough to upload content every day; you have to get you audience talking; that’s the key to building a social media page that is alive and thriving. It’s so easy to get followers nowadays on social media but what really matters is having “active” followers. You can only achieve this by interacting with your audience through engaging social media activities.

7. Tap Into The Power Of Advertising

It’s still amazing that many brands are struggling to build up their social media pages in this day and age of online advertising. Social media advertising if properly carried out can explode your brand in a very short time. I remember getting 1000+ followers on Facebook with a $25 dollar ad budget – that was only made possible by a social media expert pulling the strings of targeting for me.

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8. Be Consistent

Social media is all about consistency! Many brands have thousands of followers who are inactive simply because they failed at consistency. Social media consultants often advice that even before you build any social media pages that you ought to have a plan of your activities and these should follow a consistent pattern. Your audience should be able to know that you post new content everyday by 4pm. You have to make them look forward to a specific time or activity.

9. Keep Up With Trends

Social media is very dynamic so if you’re going to keep thriving, you have to keep up with the ever changing trend of social media. You have to stay abreast of all updates on various social media platforms and make sure that your brand’s social media pages are in line with these trends. This can be very hard for many business owners to handle themselves which is why it’s advised that they find affordable social media experts to help them out.

10. Build Relationships

It’s social media for a reason. This is because it’s a community of people looking to interact and build valuable relationships. The best way to gain more die-hard active followers on social media is by building relationships with your audience. This all really boils down to knowing your audience so well that you’re able to interact with them on things that matters most to them.

The advice I’ve gotten from social media consultants over the years have been very beneficial in helping me build my online enterprise. The lessons have also been beneficial in other areas other than social media. As a business owner, you can take these lessons and make them work for your business too.

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