10 Interactive Posts for Facebook That Will Increase Audience Engagement Overnight

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Recent findings analyzed by BuzzSumo reveals that Facebook’s most engaging posts contained highly viral photos and video content trending with abundant likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook Marketing has become a hotbed of thriving businesses to connect and engage with their preferred audience. The new technology has finally reached a point where customers can interact with their favorite brands on any number of issues as they arise. It’s incredible to wake up to a simple Hello or an inspirational video from your favorite interactive posts for Facebook pages or groups.

To create and sustain interesting Facebook posts, you must use several content strategies to maintain a loyal following with your products or services ideas for Facebook. We have compiled 10 of the best interactive posts for Facebook that you can utilize to stay engaged with your audience.

1.    Exciting and Shareable Video and Photos

Amplify your reach with stunning photos and video stories that highlight your company history, or a product journey. Another fantastic tip is the use of Facebook Live. With live video ads, you can show diverse product features or demonstrate how to use the products. You can also create captivating videos from your favorite pictures on your Instagram account. You can add captions, music, and customize your story with filters and graphics.

2.    Boosting Famous Facebook Posts

Allow maximum organic audience reach to accumulate within 24 hours, and then pay a certain amount to promote the engaging Facebook posts for a specified period. Increased paid promotions help with reaching out to a broader audience on Facebook. The trick is to create attractive content to reach a wider audience and accumulate sales or engagement from the promotion. You will need to work with a budget to achieve the desired result.

3. Test Giveaways with your Audience

Publish weekly interesting Facebook posts outside business hours and focus on educating your audience with innovative content. Create interactive posts to insight followers to engage with your branded Facebook page. If you receive positive feedback from the initial posts of your experiment, then you can follow up with a call to action sales drive with product giveaways to entice more followers to your Facebook page.

4. Edutain your Facebook audience

The strategy in any Facebook ad campaign is to emphasize on providing value.  Teach your followers something useful, something relatable with your niche in which you are skilled, and you do it in an entertaining way that draws in your audience. Create Interactive posts for Facebook that include different posts demonstrating various photos, products, and purposes. A powerful Facebook strategy will fully integrate with your overall marketing plan, to reach a bigger audience and produce continuous clients who will visit your website, subscribe to your mailing list and eventually buy your products.

5. Create a Facebook Group

What should your Facebook Group be about? Create a group using your brand and generate useful content where you provide customer support, general tips, and advice, and build communities around your brand. Offer value-added content strictly in the context of your business. Ideas for your Facebook Group should include:

Client engagement platform

Products or services announcements

Coupon Giveaways

Marketing drive (make it subtle)

Unless you are a brand, avoid posting personal stories on your Facebook group. Focus on providing valuable information geared towards your brand. Let people join your group voluntarily, through the post engagements and the value your Group provides. Keep it active and hold off promoting your business until the members trust your intentions.

6. Interactive Content

Some Facebook pages and groups contain a string of links that lead followers back to the administrator’s articles and websites. Avoid this mistake if you want to make significant sales on Facebook. Instead, create a branded page that contains interactive posts for Facebook with relevant content for your audience. Try posting authentic and informative video uploads, latest industry polls, and community images that resonate with your audience.

7. Promote your Facebook Group

Did you know that branded Facebook Group could gain followers much quicker than a Facebook Page could? However, they do not grow automatically. You need to put in more effort and resources to drive members. Hire a reliable social media manager whose sole duty is to focus on content creation that will ultimately attract new followers every day.

8. Get influencers to join your Branded Facebook Pages

The number one rule on Facebook interaction is ASK for permission. DO NOT add people to your pages or groups without their consent. Let it be a voluntary effort based on your engaging and insightful content. Your growth heavily relies on numbers, and influencers and brand socialites can do wonders for your group. All you need to do is to tag them in your posts so that they can share it. If you are lucky to get an influencer to join your group, that’s a huge bonus for your brand. Promoting products becomes easy since influencers command a significant following and a single endorsement can bring you many sales within hours!

9. Entice people to join your Group

People on Facebook do not like to be left out in the cold. Barriers make people curious, and great marketers understand this psychology. Entice people with restrained content in a closed group where people must ask for permission. Make the introductory statement attractive and let people know what they are missing out. Write simple one-liners like: “How to make perfect Espresso” or something like “Tired of making losses?” to attract people to your Facebook “closed” group.

10. Size Matters

Uploading images on Facebook should not be a random picture field day. Ensure that your images fit well within the pages you want to upload for top visibility and proper display. Facebook Ads Guide provides image tips based on your location and purpose of your posts. Ideal pictures should be in the range of 1200×628 pixels, and 1 MB maximum file size for .png pictures. The point here is to post quality photos that compel your audience to notice and take action. (Like, comment, or share).

Any audience you gather on Facebook is borrowed from the social network. A well-built Facebook strategy will consist of different posts for various purposes. Integrate your marketing plan with your Facebook audience to buy your products, subscribe to your mailing list and visit your combined social accounts as well as websites.



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Heather Hart

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