10 Easy Ways On How To Get More Likes On Facebook

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The #1 question I bet you want answered: how do I get more likes on my Facebook Page? It’s something that seems so simple, yet, when you try to think of ways to do it your mind goes blank. Well, that is where we come along! We’ve had plenty of time to think this through and we’ve come up with some pretty solid surefire ways to get you more likes and more comments on Facebook. Check out these 10 simple ideas to improve your visibility on Facebook.

10 easy ways to get more likes on facebook

1. Posting On Facebook At The Right Time

Posting On Facebook At The Right Time

This rule might seem simple, but many companies have fallen by not paying attention to timing or in some cases just general topics. The world is ever changing and what is funny today might not be so funny tomorrow because of something that happened recently.

A couple of examples of this were in the movie ‘Big Trouble’ where the movie ended with a man sneaking a nuclear bomb onto a plane and it blowing up (no one was hurt), which was inconvenient when the release date for this movie was September 21, 2001. This is an example of bad timing. The good timing ones you never hear about, of course, but they happen every day. If a movie is set to come out that is very anticipated like ‘Star Wars’ then you should release a product that is set to a ‘Star Wars’ theme to peak your customer's interest. You just need to stick with the trends and engage your viewers to get more comments and likes on Facebook.

2. Making Sure The Posts Are Relevant

Facebook Posts are relevant

When it comes to how to get more Facebook likes, this goes hand in hand with timing it right. My awesome example of ‘Star Wars’ is a really good one at the present time. They just had an awesome new movie come out and Mark Hamill has had new life breathed into his career (finally!). However, what if you made a Star Wars post two years ago? Well, I’ll tell you. People would look at it and think, “Why are they posting about Star Wars, super random, dude,” This is how hipsters talk these days, by the way. You want to keep with the times. This doesn’t mean you have to be as specific as with timing where you release stuff to fit perfectly with the release of a movie or trend, but, it does mean that you keep in touch with what is relevant in today's society. Simple but effective.

3. Keeping Your Audience Entertained

Who wants to be entertaining!? Not me, that’s for sure. All those puns and witty one-liners. Nope, not for me. However, you might find you have a knack for it, and if you do, you’ve found a way to get a lot of likes and comments on Facebook. That is, unless people hate responding to witty comments these days, which I doubt. This is a really great way to get people to comment on your posts, be more interactive with your brand and show that your company has a sense of humor, which I hear people like. There are many of the bigger brands that have realized that the secret to getting a lot of Facebook likes is a sense of humor, and just to prove it, here is a list of companies and their posts that have tickled their viewers funny bones.

4. Educating Your Fans And Audience

To be honest, the word ‘educational’ is kind of a snooze fest when you hear it. I think it’s a reflex that we’ve learned from school. But when you are secretly educational people respond and that is how you sneakily get more Facebook likes. See, people hate learning, and when they know that you are making them learn stuff psychologically you need to peak their interest with some fun YET educational posts.

If you want some examples from the pros on how to be educational and still interesting, then check this out. Most of these companies used videos to educate their viewers by making posts that taught them about things like “How to travel in India” or made video recipes to show their customers all the cool and creative ways they can use their product. This is a win-win for everyone because the company gets Facebook views and likes and the customers can have a fun and educational way to interact with one of their favorite companies.

5. Posting For The Right Season

Facebook Posts for the Right Season

This is important to mention because it is so easily forgotten. I’m sure you think “Well, duh, I’m not going to put a winter ad on my Facebook when it’s summer.” Well, good for you! You say that now, but when you have a deadline and you are desperate for ideas (probably because you didn’t make a list ahead of time like I told you to do) and you see a cool video of a guy surfing in Hawaii which would go perfectly with your line of surfboards you don’t really stop to think, “Maybe this isn’t going to be relevant to the 65% of our customers who are currently in the dead of winter.” It will honestly seem like you are mocking them, with your summer and sun…. Not cool, dude. So! That is why you need to strategically post things that seem relevant to the season you are in. Now, you must be thinking that you need to only post winter posts in winter and summer posts in the summer. This is not totally true. While you do want people to see seasonally appropriate posts, you do want to peak their interest ahead of time.

For example, say it’s spring and your company has recently created a new line of bikinis and swimsuits, you know that it’s too cold to go to most beaches, but you want to start moving the product as soon as you can, and you know that if you start promoting now it will most likely snowball in popularity for the summer months so your customers are already looking at your swimsuits when it is time to go to the beach. You are also very clever and are offering a discount on the summer line of swimsuits if you buy them slightly ahead of time. This way you will start moving your product ASAP and you will also see which pieces are the most popular, so you know which one to order more of to meet the summer demands. Pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

6. Using The Correct Images Strategically

Using Strategic Facebook Images

You know the saying “We eat with our eyes first,” well that kind of applies to most things. We see something and evaluate whether it is visually appealing first before we really look more in depth. While it does suck that you can spend hours on one article or Facebook post that can be passed over because you forgot to add a pretty picture, it’s not a huge deal to just put a few pictures in to draw your readers in. Pictures help break up the monotony of just reading a bunch of text. What is this, school? We’re adults and we want pictures! If you add a few pictures it will keep your reader stimulated and allow a sweet release from reading all the time. Although you want to be careful not to use an image you don’t have any right to. You can find images that you can use for free on websites like photopin.com. Speaking of pretty pictures, to help break up a bunch of text here is a picture of an adorable dog wearing a pilot's cap, I call her Amelia Dogheart. You’re welcome.

7. Using Other Social Media Platforms To Reach More People

Using Other Social Media Platforms To Reach More People

Why not? The point of this is to show you how to get more likes on your Facebook page, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other social medias to get there. Think outside the box, people! You’ve got so many social medias out there to choose from like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and a few others I can’t quite think of (like a million). Each of these has its own loyal followers too. Some people are obsessed with Instagram, some with Facebook. If you were to post on them all you could reach millions of followers more than if you just stuck with Facebook. Also the Internet makes it so easy to post on them all at the same time. I usually just go into Instagram and make a post and them select which social media I want to share the post with. You just need to make sure you like your instagram account to all your other accounts. Simple, right?!

8. Linking Your Facebook Post To Your Employment Section

This is just smart business sense on top of smart social media sense. You can’t really lose because either you get to hire a new employee or you at least get your readers to learn a little more about your company. When people see a link for employment they typically check it out, especially if you show how awesome you are to work for on your social media. Even if they don’t apply for the job you can link the employment page to your “About” page which tells what your company is all about and how awesome you are. They might not be interested, but the job might be perfect for a friend or two. Word of mouth is the oldest form of social media, right?

9. Incentivizing People To Like Your Facebook Page

This is a pretty easy way when thinking how to get more Facebook likes for your company's Facebook page. You hold a contest or a free giveaway where you come up with a contest. Your contest can be something like “The first 30 people to share this post will get a free $5 gift card” or “If you like our product within the next 10 minutes we will give you a free sample of our brand new product.” People will eat that up, and why wouldn’t they. They get free stuff for something so simple as pressing a button. People love free stuff…. This will also increase your Facebook page likes because people who didn’t see the post in time will want to get updates as soon as you post them so they will like your page. Even if you never have another giveaway, although you should, you will gain a ton of followers and it costs you what, $100 maximum? Seems like a good investment to me.

Epic Content for Facebook Page

10. Posting The Most Epic Content

I know what you’re thinking, that this is kind of obvious. Well, it might be but sometimes you just need a reminder to be as epic as you possibly can be. I know I do. While posts like free giveaways or advertising your new summer sale are important to getting your product out there and bringing in business, you need to do a post that isn’t aimed at getting people to buy your stuff so much as it is to show how awesome you and your company and product are. A great example of a company who is amazing at reminding us how epic they and their products are on a regular basis is GoPro. They post videos on a regular basis that are created not by a social media team, but by their loyal customers. Doesn’t that video make you just want to get up and do stuff? Like skiing, hiking, exploring the world, or in my case, simply unpack the GoPro I bought over two months ago. Hey, it might not be the most impressive thing on that list, but it still motivated me to do something that involved their product. Whatever you do to show how epic your company is is all up to you and what you think is epic, but just do it and have fun with it because at the end of the day being epic is what you make it.

Final Thoughts

So those are my 10 easy ways to get more likes on Facebook. Some of those will show you how to get more likes on Facebook, some will help you get more comments on Facebook. No matter what you’re after, it’s all pretty beneficial to getting your brand out there. The one thing all of these rules have in common is to just have fun and think outside the box. Just because you are a company, big or small, does not mean that you have to be serious and stress about how many likes you get in a day or how many people shred your post. If you’re that stressed about it you should just hire a social media company like 99 Dollar Social and pay them to worry about it for you. Super tempting, since they’ll do all that for only $99 a month.

No matter what you do, just remember to keep true to your brand and your company's vision and you’ll be just fine.

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