10 Best Social Media Conferences Worth Attending in 2017

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If you ever want to get ahead in the business of social media, then, attending social media conferences should top your checklist. There are usually many educative social media conferences held every year, and you can bet that there’s at least one social media conference being held close to or in your State this year. The availability of video and teleconferencing has also made it possible to attend these conferences from the any location.

With less than 60 days gone in the year 2017, the opportunity to attend some of the best social media conferences is still very much open. So I’ve selected some 10 budget-friendly social media conferences that you, a business owner, should seriously consider attending.

But before I let the cat out of the bag…

Here Are 5 Benefits Of Attending Social Media Conferences

1. Learn From The Experts

Attending a social media conference will give you the opportunity to learn about social media marketing from not just one, but a number of professionals who are currently enjoying unrivaled success in an area you are still trying to find a footing.

Need I say more? The experience being shared by these experts could prove to be the difference for your business this year.

2. You Start Seeing Some ROIs

You might have invested some money in social media marketing and you’re yet to see any form of tangible results. Attending a conference this year will change that for you. The knowledge you’ll pick up will help you understand social media measurement and the best way to use analytics to engender ROIs.

3. Get The Best Training On Use Of The Latest Social Media Marketing Tools

It could cost you an arm and a leg to buy and master the use of the latest social media marketing and analytics tools and sadly, you still might not be able to learn all the tricks. The materials and hands-on training you’ll gain by attending one of these conferences will open your eyes to the latest social media marketing tools and how to effectively use them.

4. Learn New Strategies, Tactics, Tricks And More

The best entrepreneurs are always looking to learn something new in their niche and I believe you are too. This is why you should make out time to attend a social media conference. At the conference, you'll learn about new strategies, techniques and tactics that the experts are using to achieve results.

You would be surprised at what you could do yourself, after just one conference.

5. Rub Shoulders With Fellow Entrepreneurs, Ask Questions And Learn, Learn, Learn

That’s just one beauty of being at quality conferences, you get to mingle with like minds, entrepreneurs like yourself who are looking for knowledge and who have a lot to offer. You can ask questions and learn from their experience. This would go a long way in reducing your learning curve and your business will be better for it.

I believe I’ve sparked your curiosity and you’re now itching to know the best conferences to attend this year.

Here Are 10 Best And Affordable Social Media Conferences You Should Attend In 2017

1. Search Marketing Expo – SMX West

This conference will hold from the 21st to the 23rd of March 2017, in San Jose, California. If you are a business owner who wants to learn the in and out of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then by all means don’t miss this conference. The team of professionals at SMX, have prepared a 60+ session agenda aimed at helping you master the result-driven strategy in paid search, analytics, SEO and conversion driven optimization to improve your digital marketing efforts.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet top experts and professionals in the social media industry and have their knowledge rub-off on you.

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2. Social Media Week

February 28 – March 3, is a date that attracts a lot of buzz for social media marketing gurus. That’s because it’s the date that marks the Social media week! In case you’re wondering what this conference is all about. This is one worldwide conference that gives social media experts the opportunity to share ideas, insights and innovations and how social media can be used as a key to change and unlock business opportunities.

The conference will be held across six continents of the world and will see 5000 experts speak to an audience of over a million, most of whom will join via video and teleconferencing on mobile and desktop devices. The global team for this year’s social media Week is “Language and the Machine: Algorithms and the Future of Communication.”

It’s a conference you just shouldn’t miss.

3. Adobe Summit 2017

As far as digital marketing goes, the Adobe Summit is one conference that gives attendees the learning opportunity to become experienced by introducing them to the latest digital marketing tools and trends.

Attendees will hear and learn from the world’s leading digital marketing gurus, they will learn how businesses use Adobe Marketing Cloud to understand their customers better and manage content.

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4. Social Shake Up

Date: May 22-24, 2017

3 days of a packed educative conference, is slated in May. The conference is known as Social Shake Up and it holds in Atlanta, Georgia. Social shake up, is a conference being organized for professionals like you who are looking for new innovative ways to keep integrating social media into their overall business strategy.

For entrepreneurs who are looking for the best SEO tips, live streaming strategy, and other social media marketing strategies, expert speakers from major brands such as Oracle, Google, Coca-Cola, Slate etc. will be on hand to share their experiences and give answers to your questions.

5. Unbounce Call To Action Conference

Date: June 25-27, 2017

Don’t pass up the opportunity to network with some of most friendly social media experts in Vancouver, Canada this June. With numerous carefully selected speakers, you will learn about various digital marketing tactics which will give your business an unfair advantage over your ignorant competitors this year.

Experienced experts invited by Unbounce are set to teach you about SEO, analytics, copywriting, email and content marketing, as well as how to apply some of the best conversion strategies. Expect to be filled with knowledge at this conference.

6. Corporate Social Media Summit

Date and location: TBA

This conference is being organized to provide social media entrepreneurs with the knowledge of how to successfully implement the best social and digital marketing strategies to foster competitive advantage.

Participants will have the opportunity for close interactions with experts as well as potential customers during the summit. There will also be an award show at the CSM summit to recognize the best in the social media marketing industry. This summit is definitely going to be loaded.

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7. Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

Holding between March 21-22 in New York City, This conference will see over 150 digital marketing experts, strive to help you optimize your online strategy and overcome your biggest challenge in the digital marketing niche. A few topics lined up for the conference includes:

1. Content marketing and moving beyond simple native advertising

2. Personalizing your multi-channel engagement levels and exploring digital fingerprints

3. Using SEO and search analytics to understand tracking and attribution

Attendees will hear from professionals from top brands such as Viacom, Forbes, Nike, HSBC etc. this could easily be the best digital marketing conference held in 2017.

8. Social Media Strategies Summit

Holding in Chicago from April 26-28, 2017 is another highly educative conference simply known as the SMSS. This conference has been educating and helping social media and digital marketers achieve respectable business results since 2010. The conference will offer entrepreneurs like yourself, the opportunity to meet and connect with top marketers from Coca-Cola, Disney, Miller Lite etc.

Being one of oldest digital summits in the United States, the SMSS is renown for helping marketers understand how social media can be used to maximize their digital marketing strategy. There’s a lot to be learnt and new strategies to be shared.

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9. Conversion Conference

Date: April 19-20 2017.

This conference offers online entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from the highest converting websites in the world. You get to learn from top experts and thriving entrepreneurs and understand which social media marketing strategy would best fit your brand.

The conference will cover four major areas in two full days; these include copywriting, user experience, split testing and neuro-marketing. With over 2000 attendees expected from more than 25 countries, the opportunity to network and meet top companies doesn’t get better. This conference is expected to be a sellout!

10. Social Media Marketing World 2017

Date: March 22-24 2017

I know I’m spoiling you for choices, but yet again that’s the purpose of this piece.

Social media examiner is renowned for its knack for dishing out educative information and content on social media marketing via various online platforms and these gurus will be responsible for organizing this annual conference.

Some of the best social media professionals will share their experiences with the over 4,000 attendees expected from more than 50 countries. The opportunity to network with some of these experts, learn from some of the thriving social media brands and learn new digital marketing strategies is one that should not be ignored.

Social media cannot be ignored by any business that wants to have a strong online presence, generate more traffic, more leads and sales. A business owner like you cannot miss out on the trend. Your best bet is to stay informed and there’s no better way to stay informed than learn from the numerous professionals at any of the conferences I’ve listed in this piece. Once again I implore you not to miss these great opportunities. Have you made your choice yet? Which conference will you be attending? Don’t forget to share you experience in the comments!

If you’re still struggling to figure social media out, you might want to get in touch with us here at 99DollarSocial to help you build a thriving social media presence.


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